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Udemy course IBM C2040-925 Installing Configuring IBM Lotus Notes Exam by Up Strive Hub

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IBM C2040-925 Installing Configuring IBM Lotus Notes Exam

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Sample Questions: You have the ability to establish different levels of access to administrators to users. Which of the following is the hierarchical order of the privileges of the great and the least access? Admin Server> View Administration Console> Admin> Administrator User Administrators Total Control> Admin> Full Administrator Console> System Administrator Full Administrator Console> System Administrator> Full Administrator Access> Administrator Complete administrator Access to the server> Console administrator rights> User administrator> Vista Access Administrator None IRIS, Domino administrator has assigned an explicit policy for the user. This policy has an alternative value for the same configurations as the documents of organizational policy. What is the result of this action? The settings of the fields are canceled with each other and no value will be applied. Organizational policy always has priority over conflict values: <"with an explicit policy. Explicit policy always has priority on conflicting values, "with organizational policy The administrator will receive an error message when attempting to apply both policies aimed at preventing conflict between users of their policy. None By implementing Lotus Traveler for users without a policy in place, which of the following events of mobile device devices? Non-compliance incorporated Functions defined by the user without any policy configuration instead The device will not be executed until the policy is not assigned. The user can not download and install the Lotus traveler, while the policy will not be created. None Mike has to determine how to establish new policies will affect its users. Can Mike be used to determine the effect of the new policy of its users? Log in as a user and see that the policy has changed. Open the user box in Domino Administrator Client, select the user and select Actions - Politics Show the last In the Basic Concepts tab in the Access Control List, click Effective Access. Use a summary of tool policies of people who visit the Domino Administrator client None Donald has established the mail configuration policy to prevent users from changing the owner of the INOTE mail file. How does this policy apply to INOTE users? The policy is applied through the administration task. The policy is applied in the process of dynamic configuration of the client. The policy is applied for the first time, user authentication through HTTP. Donald needs to restart the HTTP task and restart the router user mail server. None Your company has a security requirement, Microsoft Office documents can not contain macros. Lotus Symphony is a standard of the company for the discovery of these documents. Which of the following options is the best option to restrict users run macros? Disable Macros in Document Safety Configuration Apply the Lotus Symphony configuration Document by default Enable filter macros in document desktop configuration Select to disable the use of macros in the Lotus Symphony document settings None

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