HTML5 and CSS by Jaime Ortega

Udemy course HTML5 and CSS by Jaime Ortega

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Course data:

  • Author: Jaime Ortega
  • Course rating: 5.0
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Jaime Ortega

I am driven by puzzles, hence, any step on my professional career will ultimately lead me to big, complex projects that will create a real impact on people’s life using technology. I work well under pressure, I am self-taught, fast learner and proactive with a UI – UX approach.


What the udemy HTML5 and CSS course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn HTML, one of the most important languages on the web. Learn CSS, one of the most important languages on the web. Learn media queries learn tables, forms, and the layout of a website

Learn to create your first (and complex) web pages using HTML and CSS, the 2 most important languages on the web.

More information about the course HTML5 and CSS

Hypertext Markup Language – Tags – Attributes – Basic Structure of HTML – – … – … – – … –


– List – Images formats – relative vs absolute Paths- Orphan tag :


Examples of use- Code Comments Tables – Introduction – Simple tables – Structured Tables Forms – Introduction – Creation – Basic input areas – single-line textbox – multiline textbox – html5 input fields – html5 new input fields – Options elements – Finalize and send CSS CASCADING STYLE SHEETS – Concept Reminder – CSS and browsers compatibility – Where are we writing CSS ? – CSS tag selection – CSS application on attribute class and id – Advanced HTML TAGS- Advanced Selectors – CSS selectors priority – CSS Text formats – CSS BORDER – CSS outline – CSS SHADOW – CSS Dynamic appearances – Structuring tags – Reminder block and inline tags – CSS Property – width and height – CSS Properties – Margin and Padding – CSS Property – Overflow – CSS Property – Word-wrap – Flexbox Concept – FlexBox CSS Properties Media Queries and Responsive Design – Apply a Media Queries – Load Media Queries – Media Queries – Rules- Media Queries – Test – Media Queries and mobile browsers Going Further For Free – From the website to the web application (JavaScript, AJAX …) – Technologies related to HTML5 (Canvas, SVG, Web Sockets …) – Dynamic websites (PHP, JEE, ASP .NET …) – Publishing your website Lots of Exercises to help you become an expert. And also much more topics to see.

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