How to Write Non Fiction For Profit by Rob Parnell

Udemy course How to Write Non Fiction For Profit by Rob Parnell

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  • Author: Rob Parnell
  • Course rating: 4.5
  • Category: Humanities
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Rob Parnell

Rob Parnell has been teaching authors online since 2002. He has published over fifty bestselling books and courses on genre writing, motivation, productivity and getting rich and healthy.

How to Write Non Fiction For Profit

What the udemy How to Write Non Fiction For Profit course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to write content, manuscripts and e-books for publication How to choose topics that will interest readers How to plan and create an outline for your nonfiction books How to become a professional author

Create Information, Fact and Opinion-Based Books and E-Books for the Marketplace

More information about the course How to Write Non Fiction For Profit

“20 Years in The Making, I’m Proud to Present The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Selling Nonfiction Books For The Marketplace!” Please read this important message from your personal tutor, Rob Parnell: Dear Fellow Writer, Welcome to my latest resource – this one specifically designed to propel your nonfiction book or e-book writing career, or at least get you started on the right path. It’s my belief this topic is poorly served by most educational bodies and that this course should be seen as a sincere attempt to rectify this situation. I believe this is important because a good grasp of nonfiction writing is actually fundamental to ALL writing. So, what does nonfiction writing cover? Biography, creative nonfiction, history, self-help, travel, how-to, memoir, health, diet, lifestyle, psychology, religious, political, news, scandal, internet content, copywriting, blogging, and a whole host of fact, reportage, and opinion based text. As you can probably tell, nonfiction pretty much covers everything that is NOT fiction. So why is this area of writing usually so badly taught? My guess is because we mostly take it for granted. Our education system assumes we all already know how to do it. Plus, we all READ nonfiction constantly, probably without even being aware that’s what we’re doing. Nonfiction is like the air we breathe. ALWAYS AROUND US but hard to pin down unless we examine it closely. And that’s what this course is: a thorough examination of the genre that gives you a specific game-plan to enable you to compete in this highly lucrative market. This may surprise you but nonfiction OUTSELLS fiction all of the time, year on year, always has, probably always will. To prove it to yourself just put a how-to book on Amazon and watch it OUTSELL your novel by (usually) a factor of ten to one. Plus, look at mainstream publisher guidelines. You’ll see a tepid hesitance at the idea of receiving your new fiction manuscript compared to an enthusiastic interest in whatever you might want to submit to the nonfiction department. Even better, publishers don’t even want you to write the whole MS straightaway. You can submit them nonfiction book proposals before they commission you to write them! Now that’s wonderful. What’s in this extraordinary new course? So much actually – it might take your breath away! THIRTY FIVE modules – including over three hours of video content – to guide you through the genre, from idea creation to publication. Discover: * Why nonfiction is the best, the mother of all genres! * How to make big cash and get famous writing books and speaking out. * How to gain the right mindset to kill the competition * How to easily come up with the right Ideas * How to stay fully motivated to write every day * How to summon inspiration on demand * How to explore and exploit your passion * How to understand the current nonfiction zeitgeist * Learn the most effective way to open a book chapter * Understand that “proving a point” is crucial to your nonfiction writing success * How to pitch nonfiction ideas to publishers, agents and others (also discover the power of the “elevator pitch”) * How to successfully navigate copyright issues * Which of the various nonfiction genres is the most profitable * How to write great self-help, then upscale to franchise your ideas * How to conduct and benefit from interviews * How to become the “go to” expert * Understand the logic and popularity of modern nonfiction bestsellers * How to use my nonfiction templates to speed up your writing time * How to properly approach the writing of classic nonfiction * How to improve you technique, tone and style * The easy guide to fact checking * The best way to approach editing * The most effective way to use beta readers * How to maximize you promotion efforts with NO money spent * How to use Social Media properly * How to develop your nonfiction writing career And much more… ( that’s just what I can remember off the top of my head!) Also incl…

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