How to Use the Top 11 Real Estate Fin Ratios in the Best Way by Svetoslav Deltchev

Udemy course How to Use the Top 11 Real Estate Fin Ratios in the Best Way by Svetoslav Deltchev

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  • Author: Svetoslav Deltchev
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  • Category: Business
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Abouth Svetoslav Deltchev

As a real estate investor, Svetoslav Deltchev has invested in over 30 rental properties ranging from apartments to beauty studios.

How to Use the Top 11 Real Estate Fin Ratios in the Best Way

What the udemy How to Use the Top 11 Real Estate Fin Ratios in the Best Way course teaches?

What you’ll learn Basic principles of the real estate deal analysis Get familiar with the 11 most used ratios in the real estate deal financial analysis The 3 types of financial ratios that are used for analysing of all kinds of assets and how they are applied for the real estate deals The advantages and disadvantages of each financial ratio that is presented When do you need to apply one or another ratio calculation in order to get the relevant comparison with the market Some basic concepts used in the financial analysis as the “Time value of money” concept Which of the financial parameters is the KING among them all and is most reliable Which parameters could mislead you Which ratios have “pitfalls” and how to avoid them

Learn these 11 easily used financial ratios before you invest in rental property

More information about the course How to Use the Top 11 Real Estate Fin Ratios in the Best Way

When you invest and look at potential deals, can you tell a gem from a lemon? Many people already know that the investing in real estate is one of the possible ways to transform your earned income (income from salary) to a passive income (income from an asset that doesn’t require your time and effort). But the problem is that they are not familiar with the real estate deals, they don’t know how they work and why a particular deal is better than another one. Everybody of us is afraid that some fast talking real estate agent might push us a lemon and we will have to deal with it for a long period of time and eventually even to lose money. To avoid this you need to know how to tell the good deal from the bad one . That is the reason why I am creating my courses. I want to try to answer all your questions, to make your fears smaller by sharing with you my experience with the real estate. After I have shown to the very starters among you how and why the real estate is superior asset class and after I have proven (in another course) that the Real Estate market is predictable , now I want to show you how to know whether somebody is selling you a good investment or a lemon . Hey, My name is Svetoslav Deltchev and I invest in income generating real estate for the last 12 years. I am convinced in the advantages of the real estate investments and I will show you in this course how to use them as well. Who is this course for? The course is for beginner investors who want to understand how to tell if a particular deal proposed to them is performing well and if it  suits their expectations or not. The financial ratios that I am elaborating in the course will help you to compare a property with the market and with the other alternatives that you have. This topic is a bit theoretical and mathematical, but I have tried to give you many practical examples for better understanding. On top you are welcome to ask me questions if you need further explanation or clarifications. We have also a Facebook Group for students questions and discussions. It’s called Udemy SD Academy. You may use the Udemy chat as well of course. Do you need any prior knowledge? No. The course is for beginner investors as mentioned and you don’t need prior knowledge. There are some lectures that dig deeper in a specific topic, but I make a note at the beginning of the lecture that you may skip it, if it is too much for you. Even if you have no experience you will learn the various types of ratios and when to apply each one of them. This course will be useful for people who are aiming to invest in: rental properties – multifamily properties, single family houses etc. Fix&flip deals Wholesale What you will NOT find in this course: I will not cover the topic “WHEN is the right time to invest in properties”. I have mentioned in one of the lectures that the availability of stable market patterns on the real estate market is one of its advantages but I haven’t gone into details. I will not cover the legal due diligence of a real estate transaction I have not offered real estate investing strategies I have not discussed the topic about the financing of the property transaction I have not covered the topic how to select the best property for our investment. The course is FOCUSED on the way how YOU could tell the gem from the lemon when you are looking for a good investment! In particular you will learn: the 3 groups of financial ratios and when to use each one of them The economic meaning of the interest rate and how interpret it The 5 financial ratios from the first group and when they are helpful The advantages and the disadvantages of the ratios of the first group The “Time value of money” concept and how it changes the way we look at deals We will introduce the second group of financial ratios Main differences between the ratios of the first group and the second group The 3 ratios of the second group and how to calculate them Some more advanced topics like the most …

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