How to Teach Reading&Spelling With 20MinutePhonemicTraining by Vickie Dinsmore

Udemy course How to Teach Reading&Spelling With 20MinutePhonemicTraining by Vickie Dinsmore

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  • Author: Vickie Dinsmore
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Abouth Vickie Dinsmore

Vickie is a speech language pathologist and author. She worked with children in public schools for 28 years. She saw many struggling readers and writers in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. Each year there were 70 to 80 students on her case load. Each year 15 to 20 struggled to fluently read words. She researched to find out why and learned they could not perceive individual sounds [phonemes] in syllables. Consequently, she studied to find out as much as she could about dyslexia, reading fluency and spelling. Many programs were tried and modified  to develop methods that could be used in easily in mini lessons to help her students.

How to Teach Reading&Spelling With 20MinutePhonemicTraining

What the udemy How to Teach Reading&Spelling With 20MinutePhonemicTraining course teaches?

What you’ll learn Do you have a child who struggles to learn how to read and spell? Or Do you teach children who struggle with reading fluency and writing/spelling? Perhaps your child has dyslexia If so, this class will be of interest to you. This course is a step by step guide to transforming a child’s ability to more easily ‘lift words from the page’ and spell words in daily writing. Includes downloadable materials for each step of the way and leveled reading stories for first through fourth grade. AND I am writing more stories each month. Find out HOW to know WHICH phonemes, [sounds in words] your child does not process. Learn how to look at your child / students’ reading & writing to find out specifically where there is a break-down holding back reading & spelling achievement. Next, I guide you through basic information for all phonemes [sounds] used in English, a step by step walk through lessons addressing your child’s specific needs. See videos of multi-sensory activities to do with children when they get ‘stuck.’ Includes: Reading activities to increase rate and accuracy [fluency] and spelling practice activities to increase accuracy. Learn about phonic rules for spelling words and how to teach the phonic rules to improve spelling. Learn about the connection to video games.

Is your 3rd, 4th grade or older child struggling with reading or spelling? Learn how YOU can help them in this course.

More information about the course How to Teach Reading&Spelling With 20MinutePhonemicTraining

Phonemic training uses speech sounds in words to teach children how words are built. If you homeschool, are an intervention specialist, a reading specialist or tutor a child who is not keeping up with school expectations when it comes to reading and spelling, then this course may be what you are looking for.  When children have a history of middle ear fluid or infection, slow or delayed speech development, this often affects reading and spelling rate and accuracy later in school.   When we teach them how to hear the individual sounds in words by feeling the sounds and hearing the differences between them first, then match the sounds to letters, it makes a huge difference in understanding the printed word.  After all, letters are PICTURES of sounds.  Children understand the idea that pictures represent something else.    While I do admit that I am not an entertainer, I am thorough and detailed when showing you what to do.  If you are a professional, some of what is presented will seem way to easy, but the resources are practical and the system is streamlined for children who need shorter lessons that keep them engaged.  If you are a parent and this is all new to you, especially in this time of virtual school, then the slower pace with step by step  instruction should simplify the process of understanding.  No Guesswork here!  The course is based upon the publication “Winning Solutions for Struggling Readers and Spellers” found on Amazon.  Research supporting the methods in the course is listed in the publication and the website for the publication. This course walks with you and your child/student as you work day by day and week by week  to your child’s improved reading fluency and spelling skills in the span of months. is a step by step individualized plan to identify specific student needs to improve reading fluency and spelling skills in authentic writing. an easy way to plan and prepare lessons in less time. a structured approach for delivering mini lessons to improve reading fluency/accuracy and spelling accuracy. you have a record of your child’s progress as part of each lesson includes testing materials and lesson materials. This course is for people who want to improve their student’s [son or daughter’s] literacy skills  using less time both within the school day and outside of the school day. A high percentage of public schools are finding literacy development challenging. 25% of the population in the United States read below 4th grade level. Schools are increasing budgets, adding intervention specialists and reading tutors to address the problem, and the specialists are vying with classroom teachers for time to provide remedial instruction.  The result is that everyone is frustrated by  constantly changing, complicated daily schedules and limited success for their efforts. Teachers, Intervention Specialists and Reading Tutors are spending increasing amounts of time outside of the school day planning, preparing materials and reviewing student progress.  Parents are frustrated by slow progress.  Homeschooling parents are searching for ways to help their children become more fluent readers and writers. I have used the materials and strategies taught here with many, many children over the past 30 years.  All of them made progress.  Most reached grade level or near grade level expectations within one to two years, if not sooner when they stayed with me the whole time.   When given three lessons a week, it is not unusual to see rapid change within 3 months.  The key is to be consistent about doing the lessons and staying with the lessons to the end.

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