How to Stop Using Amphetamines (Meth, Uppers, Speed, etc.) by Denise Roberts

Udemy course How to Stop Using Amphetamines (Meth, Uppers, Speed, etc.) by Denise Roberts

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  • Author: Denise Roberts
  • Course rating: 3.8
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Denise Roberts

Denise Roberts is the author of The Sobriety Success Method and the owner of Live Rehab (an online addiction and recovery platform for the modern age). Denise helps people obtain sobriety and break addiction from home.

How to Stop Using Amphetamines (Meth, Uppers, Speed, etc.)

What the udemy How to Stop Using Amphetamines (Meth, Uppers, Speed, etc.) course teaches?

What you’ll learn You will learn the difference between methamphetamine and amphetamines. You will learn about the stages of change and where you might fall. You will learn about the health risks of using amphetamines. You will learn how to prepare to quit amphetamines. You will learn what to do on your quit day. You will learn how to detox from amphetamines. You will learn the importance of nutrition and how it plays a role in you recovery. You will learn about fitness and why having a healthy lifestyle can increase you chances to obtain a full recovery. You will learn how to get back to normal sleeping patterns. You will learn about your mental health and co-occurring disorders. You will how spirituality might help your recovery. You will learn how to live intentionally so you can quit amphetamines. You will learn how your family can help and also hinder your recovery. You will learn how to walk away from toxic friendships and how to keep close friends close. You will learn how to navigate professional relationships. You will learn how to manage triggers. You will learn how to prevent a relapse. You will learn what to do if you do have a relapse. Show more Show less

Kick Your Amphetamine Habit – Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, Meth, Dope, etc. – Get Sober and Stay Sober from Home

More information about the course How to Stop Using Amphetamines (Meth, Uppers, Speed, etc.)

Fight addiction to amphetamines TODAY. Are you struggling to stop using drugs such as meth, adderall, ritalin, speed, crystal or other uppers? Have you tried quitting cold turkey but it’s just not worked out for you? Students from around the world have enrolled in Live Rehab courses to take back their lives, get rid of their addictions and finally live the life they always wanted. ************************************************************************************************************* Methamphetamines and amphetamines are notoriously hard to quit and with that in mind, we’ve built an incredible course that is designed to help you specifically fight back against the addiction disease. This course is specifically organized in a way that takes you from your current situation and addiction level all the way to sobriety and beyond. Topics covered include: Stages of change Health risks of amphetamines Preparing to quit The physical body (detox, nutrition, fitness, sleep and more…) Psychological factors (mental, spiritual and intentional living) Social support systems Triggers + relapse Quitting a methamphetamine addiction is complex and requires a professional, successful approach. You can’t do this on your own but you can do this with the support of a course, teacher and community there with you at every step of the way. ************************************************************************************************************* If you are ready to take action in multiple areas of your life and you are committed to quitting your addiction then this course is for you. We understand that not everyone can up and leave their friends, family, pets, or work to gain sobriety. This is a holistic approach so you will be encouraged to change your life from a physical, psychological and social stand point. FAQ Will this work for me? We’ve built more than 12 courses designed to specifically tackle all kinds of addictions. Our students are healthy, happy and vibrant. Do I have to purchase anything? Everything you need is included with this course. You will need to be prepared to stock healthy food items, entertainment for detox and be ready to give up your addiction after completing this course. How can I get additional support during this program? As part of the course you get access to a community forum and exclusive access to our private Facebook Group where we provide additional support to those who need it at no extra charge! Once you enroll you will be invited to join our closed Facebook group. Is this course only for people who struggle with addiction? While this course was primarily written for people who struggle with addiction other people can benefit from taking this course such as family members who are worried about a love one or substance abuse counselors who want more knowledge and insight on addiction and recovery How is it possible to recover from an addiction online? Don’t I need a 12-step program or in-patient rehab? 12 step programs are outdated and their success rates are shockingly low. Not everyone is cut out for rehab and can just leave their family, friends, kids, pets, work, school, etc. The material in this course will give you the tools you need to be successful in fighting an addiction, however, you will need to find the motivation within so you can apply the concepts you will learn. This course uses the the bio-psycho-social model which means students will be given the necessary tools they need to improve their physical health, psychological health, and social health as well as addiction related topics. Additionally, each lecture will have additional resources; podcasts, video links and articles to read. It’s important to watch the course in it’s entirety and then go back through each section as you are experiencing it, to get the full benefit. Your instructor (me!) will be sending monthly updates via email through Udemy and will also be responding to the Q&A chat. Once enrolled, you will be invi…

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