How to Stop Drinking Without Willpower by Craig Beck

Udemy course How to Stop Drinking Without Willpower by Craig Beck

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  • Author: Craig Beck
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Abouth Craig Beck

Craig Beck is a bestselling self-help and personal development author. Previously, he was well known in the United Kingdom as a Sony Radio Academy award winning radio broadcaster. Leaving commercial radio in 2013 to focus on his writing and speaking engagements.

How to Stop Drinking Without Willpower

What the udemy How to Stop Drinking Without Willpower course teaches?

What you’ll learn Stop drinking easily and without the need for willpower, rehab or medication

A new powerful & private way to eliminate cravings for alcohol and get back in control of your drinking.

More information about the course How to Stop Drinking Without Willpower

How a family man cured his devastating alcoholism problem Hello, my name is Craig Beck and I probably understand better than anyone else how you are currently feeling. I have been where you are, alcohol became something that I couldn’t stop drinking despite how miserable it made me. Alcohol replaced the ‘real me’ with a fat, unhealthy zombie. I got sick of waking up full of regret and guilt. It wasn’t fair on my wife, children or myself! Every day I made excuses about why I needed the alcohol even more, failing to make the connection that the alcohol was the reason for the vast majority of my problems. “I think I tried absolutely everything to get rid of that poison” AA was too depressing, and I didn’t want to label myself as an alcoholic. Rehab was too expensive for my joyless and broke self. The thought of putting dangerous prescription drugs into my body in an attempt to rid myself of another drug didn’t make sense at all. Finally… I realized willpower was not the answer. I’d been fighting a losing battle! When I eventually landed on the secret to controlling my cravings for alcohol without willpower, life became…easy. I lost weight, slept like a baby, reconnected with my family, and regained my career. It is no stretch to say it both changed my life and saved my life, and it’s become my life mission to do the same for other people in my same situation—people just like you. That’s why I created this affordable, private, and fast-acting how to stop drinking program, so you don’t have to struggle as long as I did to control your craving for alcohol. Finally I discovered an easy solution to my addiction Once you discover the secret of how alcohol is keeping you in a painful loop you will easily get back in control of your drinking in less than 3 weeks. WAIT let me be clear, I do not mean you will have to go around telling people you are not allowed to drink. The urge to drink will just fade away, you will no longer want to drink as often (or at all). You should trust me on this, when I finally figured out how to stop drinking it turned my life around. I lost 57lbs in weight, all my health problems disappeared and I started enjoying time with my friends and family again. This is all waiting for you just as soon as you get started today.

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