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Udemy course How To Sell a Business by Chris Hall

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  • Author: Chris Hall
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Business Strategy
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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How To Sell a Business

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What you’ll learn The Preparation Steps Required Before Marketing Your Business Sales Process Strategies How To Transition To The New Owner How To Value Your Business How To Qualify The Right Buyer Skills In How To Negotiate How To Decide If You Use a Broker or Market Yourself Marketing Framework

Preparation, Valuation & Checklists For Everything You Need To Transition

More information about the course How To Sell a Business

Selling your business is a time of excitement, anticipation, sometimes anxiety and often fear!  It’s a roller coaster, to say the least, and a lot of entrepreneurs haven’t done this before. This course is put together by Chris Hall, 5x CEO and professional Business Coach.  Chris has personal experience of selling 2x of his previous businesses and interacts with audiences and executives worldwide through his work.  As a result, Chris has spotted the common patterns that owners go through when deciding to sell their business.  Regardless industry, country or experience, most owners will go through a very similar journey.  The intention of this course is to break up the process into three sections that empower you, the owner / Director, to get the best outcome. Section 1 : Preparation Section 2: The Sales Process Section 3: Transitioning Chris Hall is a TedX speaker and has more than 21,000 students on Udemy alone.  Check out the curriculum and we hope to see you online!

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