How to Program in C++ from Beginner to Professional by Remi Blais

Udemy course How to Program in C++ from Beginner to Professional by Remi Blais

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  • Author: Remi Blais
  • Course rating: 4.0
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Remi Blais

I’m a full stack senior software engineer and project manager with over 20 years professional IT experience . I’ve earned and been accredited with many globally recognized designations and certifications . I’ve mentored, led and helped many developers learn new languages, expand their knowledge, build their skills and become successful paid professionals. In my career I’ve built 100’s of applications and websites and have been involved in every aspect from strategy through continuous improvement to SEO. I’ve worked in the presentation, business and data access layers and understand intimately how each piece works and fits together which allows me to provide greater insight when teaching.

How to Program in C++ from Beginner to Professional

What the udemy How to Program in C++ from Beginner to Professional course teaches?

What you’ll learn Program in C++ Create full programs in C++ Write good, clean and well structured code Apply best coding practices and write professional code

Learn C++, Develop full C++ Programs, Get Complete Source Code, Write Clean Structured C++ Code, Go from Beginner to Pro

More information about the course How to Program in C++ from Beginner to Professional

This course teaches C++ from beginner to professional . Learn best practices and programming standards that can be applied to any language and apply them to write clean, well structured and professional C++ code . Follow hands-on video tutorials that teach how to develop full programs in C++ through real practical examples. Write code, create programs, compile and run code. Learn what software you need, how to install and setup your environment. A complete course to learn how to program in C++ . There are no additional costs for software because all the software used in this course is free and open source. We cover a few different tools to provide you with options. Learn the essential tools to make C++ development easier and increase your productivity. This course should be done at your own pace and some lessons you may want to review a couple times due to their importance. This course is structured covering simple but essential concepts first, then moving to more advanced concepts and then reinforcing best practices that will empower you to write professional production quality C++ code . This course is also quick reference friendly for people with limited time that want to focus on learning a specific concept or code periodically. The C++ lectures are arranged in a logical order but can be watched in any order as each focuses on a complete concept being taught in the lecture. C++ source code is provided including shell programs and C++ make files that you can use as starting points and templates in our own development. Take this course if you want to learn C++ , build complete C++ programs , maintain C++ programs in your work, freelance in C++ , get a quick refresher on the language, use this as a programming reference course, get C++ source code to learn from or use and learn best practices to write professional code. Get Started now in learning C++ .

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