How To Preserve Your Herbs by Margaret Sinclair

Udemy course How To Preserve Your Herbs by Margaret Sinclair

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  • Author: Margaret Sinclair
  • Course rating: 4.9
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Margaret Sinclair

Margaret loves helping people. From teaching to coaching to being a therapist.

How To Preserve Your Herbs

What the udemy How To Preserve Your Herbs course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn how to forage for herbs Learn 10 ways to preserve herbs Learn how to sterilize jars Learn how to use herbs to create usable products

Learning to process and preserve your herbs

More information about the course How To Preserve Your Herbs

This course will teach you how to process and preserve your herbs. When you have spent so much time either growing your herbs in tubs on the window sill or garden, or foraged in the wild – it is vital you learn to process and preserve your herbs for use through the year. Some herbs are only available at certain times of the year so you have to preserve them to be used for the rest of the year. Covered in this course is when to pick your herbs to get the best out of them. How to pick your herbs to preserve the plants and get your harvest in the safest way. Then I will take you through 10 ways to preserve your herbs – producing many different products to use through the year. I will teach you 4 different ways to dry your herbs, Show you how to make herb balms and oils Take you through the process of making delicious and powerful herbal syrups and herbal honeys. Show you how to use vinegar to preserve your herbs as well as how you can use butter and olive oil to create delicious herbal concoctions that not only preserve your herbs but flavour your food. Not to mention giving you the benefits of the medicinal properties of the herbs. You will also learn how to sterilize your existing jars and bottles easily. Please note some of the course content is similar to Gifts and Presents To Make With Herbs We also have a free How To Prepare For Foraging Guide available at our website and facebook page. Details for these are in this course.

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