How to Make Tamales by Linda Gonzalez

Udemy course How to Make Tamales by Linda Gonzalez

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  • Author: Linda Gonzalez
  • Course rating: 5.0
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Abouth Linda Gonzalez

Hello Everyone! My background is in interior design, so I like renovating my home and creating tranquil rooms to relax in.

How to Make Tamales

What the udemy How to Make Tamales course teaches?

What you’ll learn After taking this course students will be able to make delicious tamales Learn about all the ingredients needed Timeline – Each step will be shown and you will receive all the information you need Spend time with family & Friends – Group Cooking Together

In 9 Easy Steps

More information about the course How to Make Tamales

In this course my mom and I will teach you how to make tamales.  If you have never made tamales before – you probably feel a little intimidated by the long list of ingredients and the overall process. But don’t be, because all the ingredients you will need can be found at your local grocery store. We have broken down this course into 9 easy steps, and we will show you what you will need for every section. This recipe will make 5 dozen tamales or 60 to 64 tamales. This a great way to spend the day cooking with your family and friends. You can either spend the day cooking up some delicious tamales or do it in the course of two or three days. For example: Day 1: Visit your local grocery store and buy all the ingredients Day 2: Prep the ingredients; meat and flour and put them aside in the refrigerator Day 3: Assemble the tamales and cook them My mom has been making tamales for 30 plus years, so you know you are getting the best return for your investment. This is a tradition that can be passed down to your children, just like my mother has passed it down to me. The most popular time to make tamales is for Christmas and New Years, but they can me made anytime of the year. If this is your first time making them, we would suggest you make a batch now, so you can get some practice. We are happy to answer your questions and we check our class every day, so you know you will get a fast response to your question(s).

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