How to Improve Your Figure Drawing – Step by Step by Robert Marzullo

Udemy course How to Improve Your Figure Drawing – Step by Step by Robert Marzullo

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  • Author: Robert Marzullo
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Arts & Crafts
  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Robert Marzullo

I currently teach Figure Drawing, Anatomy, How to Draw Comics, and Digital Painting. My primary art programs are Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, Sketchbook Pro, and Photoshop.  I also teach traditional art methods as well.

How to Improve Your Figure Drawing - Step by Step

What the udemy How to Improve Your Figure Drawing – Step by Step course teaches?

What you’ll learn Draw the human figure with more confidence and precision. Create dynamic figure drawings quicker and more effectively. Understand how to draw the various body parts from memory. How to properly use Gesture to create more believable poses.

Learn how to draw the human figure like a professional with these fundamental step by step techniques.

More information about the course How to Improve Your Figure Drawing – Step by Step

Welcome to my course, How to Improve Your Figure Drawing – Step by Step! My name is Robert A. Marzullo and I am the author of the book “Learn to Draw Action Heroes.”  I have worked in comics, storyboards, and 3D animation.  For each of these fields I had to be able to draw the human figure quickly and in a way that was convincing to my viewers.  In this course I share what I have learned over those 20 years. This is a basic approach to figure drawing. This entire course on how to draw the human figure is 7.5 hours and growing.  I share techniques that I have used over the years to my illustrations and storyboards for television.  You will learn how to systematically break down the various parts of the body into simple shapes. This allows you to gain confidence on the subject and use a workflow that will keep you productive.  As I illustrate each area step by step you will follow along and learn from my studies. In this course you will learn Gesture Drawing The Benefits of Timed Studies Negative Space Drawing Foreshortening The Body in Perspective Organic Lines Vs. Angular Line of Action How to Daw Hands 3 Main Masses of the Body You get to share your work with the other students in this course and grow together.  Currently there are over 11,000 STUDENTS enrolled in this course.  That is a lot of like minded figure drawing artists, so be sure to share your work and your thoughts along the way! Great Figure Drawings will separate your artwork form your peers.  It is a skill that is extremely sought after and admired.  Once you learn to confidently draw the human figure you will gain more recognition very quickly.  It takes time to master so be patient with yourself and dedicate the time needed each day.  I have designed this course to help you grow your skills easily and effectively. This course will give you insight into how I create my artwork and create poses from my imagination.  I also share what techniques I use to improve my knowledge of the human form while studying.  Things like gesture drawings, timed studies of the pose, negative space drawing, foreshortening, perspective, organic versus angular lines, and much more.  You will also be given a copy of the art files as a downloadable PDF that I have created here so that you can work along and study from them.  By the end of this course you should be more confident in constructing your figure drawings from the  mind and have a better understanding of the human form. You will also learn how to draw Gestures of the body using methods such as CSI . Making use of action lines and timed studies to help you improve your drawing abilities. I am also very receptive to my students. So if you have any suggestions or questions I am here to help! Updated Content – I have also included 6 lessons on drawing various hands poses.  You will learn what to pay attention to when drawing the hands so that they are more believable and expressive. Bonus lectures – How to Draw and Shade Muscular arms. In those lessons I go over 3 different arm poses with various rendering techniques. The tips and tricks from this course will make the process of drawing complex body poses much easier to accomplish.  Good luck with your art and I can’t wait to see your progress! Thank you for considering my course, Robert A. Marzullo

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