How To Flip Property For Profit by Nicholas Whittall

Udemy course How To Flip Property For Profit by Nicholas Whittall

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  • Author: Nicholas Whittall
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Nicholas Whittall

Dr Nicholas Whittall founded a strategy consulting company in 2009 and a property development company in 2016. He is currently developing his on-line education business.

How To Flip Property For Profit

What the udemy How To Flip Property For Profit course teaches?

What you’ll learn Students will know everything they need to begin flipping properties for profit. Students will have enough information to decide whether or not this business is for them.

Everything you need to do to be sure your flip will be a success

More information about the course How To Flip Property For Profit

“Flipping property for profit is easy, isn’t it? You just find a property you can buy below market value. Then “do it up”. Then sell it at a profit. Then do it again. Right?” Sure, it really is as simple as that. Except that you need to find the worst property in the best road. And design it to be better than the best property in the best road. And you need professionals to deal with the legals and the finance and the structure and the survey. And you need to find and engage tradespeople to do the building work, windows, plumbing, electrics, carpentry, decorating, and a host of other tasks. Not to mention raising the finance, assessing the risks, working out how much profit you could really make. And someone has to coordinate the team to do the work to a high standard. Oh yes, and then you have to sell the dream property you have created. Phew! “When you put it that way, there’s a huge amount to master.” Yep! It’s a business, like any other, and it has to work. So you have to think about a host of things and weave them into a coherent plan that delivers you the profit you expect. Drawing on the author’s experience in Devon, southwest England, this course is packed with content and illustrations to achieve one of two ends: to give the student a firm foundation from which to launch a property flipping business, or to give the student sufficient information to decide this isn’t for them. The course starts by asking the student why they are considering flipping property, and what personal objectives they seek to achieve through it. Then it turns to the business, showing: How to find the worst property in the best street and design the transformation into being better than the best property. How to find a reputable team with all the skills to implement your design. How to fund your project. How to prepare your plan to create the best property in the best street and so deliver the profit you expect. How to fix the property by executing your plan. How to flip the property and reap the profit set out in your plan.

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