How to be interesting and make more friends? by Mayur Bardolia

Udemy course How to be interesting and make more friends? by Mayur Bardolia

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Course data:

  • Author: Mayur Bardolia
  • Course rating: 3.6
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Mayur Bardolia

10 years executive management and entrepreneurial experience directing and leading individual and team within the manufacturing and service industry— Productivity Coaching, Leadership and Peak Performance Training, Communication Skills training, creating course content, designing training curriculum.

How to be interesting and make more friends?

What the udemy How to be interesting and make more friends? course teaches?

What you’ll learn Meet people without fear and impress with your charisma Walk in the room elegantly so that people see you as an authority Talk to anyone without being shy Meet anyone without hesitation Join a group without making them feel intimidated Impress people in group and be a leader of the group Build strong relationship called ‘rapport’ and make people like you Charm people with deep connection with them Be a people magnet so that people like to talk to you Talk to others with undivided attention

A complete guide to get liked in real-life social network, earn respect and enjoy quality time with quality people

More information about the course How to be interesting and make more friends?

Meet my friend Brandon, A few years ago, He went to a party where many top-class people of the town were invited. He entered the room and looked everywhere. He was amazed to see charismatic people having conversations. Few people noticed him, but they turned their back on him. That was distressing for Brendon. He realises that nobody gives him a damn. He found some familiar faces in the crowd, and they had good times with others. He noticed them but preferred to ignore because He had no courage to join them. Someone came to him and asked him, “Hi, My name is Steve. Did we meet before? How’s everything?” He hesitantly declined with a fake smile and turned away from Steve. He was thinking, “What’s happening to people? This world is full of sick people.” He finally pulled out his mobile phone and started chatting with his (so-called) friends on social media. He sat in the corner and hid from others. He left the room earlier than almost anyone. One week after, He realised he was so dumb. He had the opportunity to meet some of the best people of the town, but he wasted it. He wished he could’ve tremendous time with quality people. A few weeks ago, Brandon was to another similar party. This time, he confidently entered the room like a celebrity. People suddenly paid attention to him and murmuring, “Who is this?” He smiled, and people including strangers smiled too. He found some familiar faces and join the group for conversation. The people in the group invited him to join them, and everyone in the group was paying undivided attention to him. Then, Brandon politely left the group even when people did want him to go. He wanted to meet new people, so he approached a lady he never met. He struck a conversation and turned the stranger into a familiar. He found a top-class business person he never met but always wanted to meet. He meets and greets him. He started talking and managed to schedule the meeting after two days. It could help him to turn his business around. He was the life of the group. He became memorable. When he left the room, people said, “Brandon is an interesting guy” If you too want to be an exciting person and make more friends just like Brandon, I welcome you to the program of ‘How to be interesting and make more friends?’ It’s all possible to be meet people with confidence and impress people with your charisma and authority status. Meet a stranger and be a  memorable friend. Join any group conversation without feeling intimidated and become a leader of the group. Welcome to Your social revolution. Enrol in this program and be interesting and make more friends. I will meet you on the other side of the registration.

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