How to Animate Dialogue For Beginners by Ian Maigua

Udemy course How to Animate Dialogue For Beginners by Ian Maigua

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  • Author: Ian Maigua
  • Course rating: 5.0
  • Category: Design
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Ian Maigua

What’s up everyone, my name is Ian Maigua. I am a 2d animator who loves to share the animation skills that I have learned over the years on my blog known as Ian Maigua Pictures . The advantage of my teaching style is that I can teach you important animation principles such as squash and stretch, timing, spacing, and much more in a way that is simple to understand . The lessons that you will learn from these courses will truly help you to rapidly improve your skills as an animator . Begin your journey to becoming a professional animator by enrolling in our school today.

How to Animate Dialogue For Beginners

What the udemy How to Animate Dialogue For Beginners course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to create mouth thumbnails using the Preston Blair Chart Discover the secret technique to syncing mouth thumbnails with the audio track

Discover The Secret to Animating Dialogue like a Pro

More information about the course How to Animate Dialogue For Beginners

Animating dialogue is an important skill to master because it plays a big part in expressing your character’s personality. Learning how to animate dialogue can be very frustrating especially if you don’t know the fundamentals of animating dialogue. Thankfully we have created an easy course that will teach you the fundamentals of animating dialogue. Introducing “How to Animate Dialogue for Beginners” animation course. This course will show you the process of turning your voiceover into a beautifully animated dialogue scene. We will start off by learning about the Preston Blair mouth chart. This chart will help you to choose the correct mouth shapes that will be in sync with your voiceover. After going through the chart, we will begin to animate our very own animated scene by drawing the mouth thumbnail and syllable charts. We will use these charts to guide us as we are animating our scene. In Lesson 4, we will use the mouth thumbnail chart to help us draw the key poses that we need for our character’s performance. After drawing the key poses, we will show you how to use both the mouth thumbnail and syllable charts to create a believable dialogue scene. Finally, we will wrap up the course by showing you how to smooth out the lip sync animation by drawing the in-betweens. By completing this course, you will be able to animate dialogue scenes that will wow your audience. Discover the secret to animating dialogue like a boss by enrolling in this course today. Course Requirements 1. You will need to have a professional animation program like Toon Boom, Flash, or TV paint. These animation programs contain an audio scrubber tool that we are going to use throughout this course. 2. You will need to download both the Resource Folder & The Lip Sync Animation Pack in order to fully comprehend the lectures that you will be learning in this course.

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