How I Made 6 Six Figures In 12 Weeks With P.O.D Jewelry by Dan Daniels

Udemy course How I Made 6 Six Figures In 12 Weeks With P.O.D Jewelry by Dan Daniels

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  • Author: Dan Daniels
  • Course rating: 4.8
  • Category: Marketing
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Dan Daniels

I’ve been internet marketing since 1994. Ran multiple businesses and websites over this time, plus consulted with many others. Took up blogging in 2001, email marketing in 2005, and ecommerce in 2014. Been doing all three ever since. Last year IĀ started working on some video courses to help people online, and hope you enjoy them šŸ™‚

How I Made 6 Six Figures In 12 Weeks With P.O.D Jewelry

What the udemy How I Made 6 Six Figures In 12 Weeks With P.O.D Jewelry course teaches?

What you’ll learn A detailed explanation of what print on demand jewelry is Who the best company for print on demand jewelry is How to research winning print on demand jewelry designs Where to get your own designs made quickly and cheaply How to upload your print on demand jewlery designs How to set up Facebook Business Manager How to set up a Facebook Page How to set up an Instagram Page How to set up and configure Facebook Ads Manager A detailed explanation of how to set up multiple types of Facebook Ads How to set up retargeting ads for Facebook Ads How to build custom audiences in Facebook Ads How to build lookalike audiences in Facebook Ads How to scale your Facebook Ads to increase and maximise profits How to calculate BEP (breakeven point) on your print on demand products Product reveal of my winning six figure print on demand design Exactly how I took this product from zero to six figures in just 12 weeks A highly detailed breakdown of my own Facebook Ads, week by week, as I scaled this product Show more Show less

Create And Sell Your Own Print On Demand Jewlery WITHOUT The Need For A Shopify Store

More information about the course How I Made 6 Six Figures In 12 Weeks With P.O.D Jewelry

Print On Demand Jewelry has been blowing up for all of 2020 and will continue to dominate in 2021 and beyond. The future of ecommerce is branded dropshipping , or Print On Demand. With online ecommerce sales expected to surpass $4.9 trillion dollars this year alone, isn’t it time you got your slice of the pie? You do not need a Shopify store to use these methods. You do not need any previous experience in Print On Demand Jewelry or ecommerce. This course is suitable for anyone : from complete newbie and upwards. IĀ teach you how to do everything – if you have no experience whatsoever – no problem! Anyone can copy my method(s) and start earning great money with Print On Demand jewelry. Even if you have experience in this field, you will find my product reveal and ads methodology very helpful. Forget drop shipping from China! The company IĀ use for Print On Demand jewelry is based in the US, manufactures in the US, and ships from the US. Take payments from anywhere in the world – no need for your own credit card processor. This course is a blueprint but requires hard work and dedication on your part. Don’t expect a get-rich-quick scheme. IĀ am not selling you that. A complete blueprint covering every single step This course does not simply cover some of the things you need to do in order to succeed with Print On Demand jewelry. It covers everything from start to finish and assumes that you know nothing at all. Millions of dollars are being earned by people just like you, so why not step in and take your piece of the action? After completing this course you will be better informed than almost anyone out there doing Print On Demand jewelry. I’ve been working online for 26 years, and been doing ecommerce for the last 7. I’ve made well over 7 figures out of it, andĀ have a lot of experience in this field. $0 – $100k Facebook Ads Breakdown Watch over my shoulder as IĀ take you through every single one of my ads campaigns – going from $0 all the way up to $100k income from Print On Demand jewlery in just 12 short weeks. IĀ break absolutely everything down, reveal my winning product design, then go through my Facebook Ads strategy in microscopic detail, month by month, week by week, day by day. IĀ flip between my Ads Manager and Shopify store, matching up the numbers so you can see what’s what and exactly how IĀ did what IĀ did to turn over $100k in income. Course Content and Overview Created for you if you are brand new to Print On Demand jewlery, or if you have tried it before and not been able to make money. The course contains 44 lectures (over 9 hours of content!) which are mainly over the shoulder demonstrations from my Facebook Business and Ads Managers, my Shopify store, my Print On Demand interface, and slideshow presentations to tie everything together. You also get some resources and links to web pages, sites IĀ think you will find useful, access to my private Facebook group and over 80+ ready to go designs, many of which are in .psd format so you can edit yourself and turn them into even more products. Section 1 We start with me explaining Print On Demand jewelry, the supplier IĀ use and why IĀ think they are the best Print On Demand jewelry company out there. IĀ take you through their interface and how it works, before talking about where and how to get your own design(s)Ā made, before uploading them to the platform and getting your products ready for promotion. Section 2 Sections 2 and 3 of the course are all about Facebook Ads. Even if you know nothing about doing ad campaigns, please don’t worry. In section 2 IĀ walk you through every single step you will need to get up and running. Creating a Facebook page and Instagram page are covered, along with opening a Facebook business manager account, adding an add account, then configuring your ads manager data columns and pixel correctly. All this is important ‘ground work’ as it were, before moving onto…. Section 3 We get in to the different types of Facebook ads you can mak…

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