Hip Hop Dance Class For Women Plus Workout by Jesse Wong

Udemy course Hip Hop Dance Class For Women Plus Workout by Jesse Wong

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  • Author: Jesse Wong
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Jesse Wong

Hi! My name is Jesse. I also go by my dancer name Ki’une. (My partner Angela teaches the women’s programs, and her profile is further)

Hip Hop Dance Class For Women Plus Workout

What the udemy Hip Hop Dance Class For Women Plus Workout course teaches?

What you’ll learn Be able to dance to two Contemporary Hip Hop dance routines and one longer combined dance routine. Do a Contemporary Hip Hop style cardio workout.

Learn the basics of Contemporary Hip Hop with two simple dance routines designed for beginners.

More information about the course Hip Hop Dance Class For Women Plus Workout

Contemporary Hip Hop is a newer style of hip hop that incorporates lyrical movements and is smoother in general. It’s a popular style of dance that’s often used in music videos, dance shows, and musicals. This program is part of a series of six dance programs for beginner women featuring these styles of dance: Bollywood, Belly Dance, Contemporary Hip Hop, Chair Dance, Burlesque, and Alter Ego (Music Video). Try all of them today! Based on the most popular new dances of today, we’ve put together an exciting dance program that combines fun, fitness, and dancing. Best of all, the program is designed for absolute beginners, so you can take your time learning from the comfort of your own home. The variety of the Beginner Dance For Women program dances will take you everywhere from the zany fun of Bollywood dancing to the sexy, seductive chair dancing routines. And of course, the program is designed specifically for women. Since this program is ladies first, we go where the boys don’t dare – shimmying, flirting, teasing, moving our hips, rolling our bodies, and showing off all our sexiness. For each unique, exciting dance, Angela will teach you two full beginner dance routines. The dance routines will follow the structure of a dance class, except you have the option to go through the dance steps and practices, if you’re stuck on any one move, or wish to perfect it. The dance routines are built gradually, learning one or two sets of dance moves (called counts of 8 in dance terminology) at a time, and then doing a practice to the newly-learned moves. Afterwards, another set of dance moves are built on the existing dance moves and practiced until the full routine is learned. Don’t worry if you don’t the moves right away. Angela has plenty of experience teaching beginners, and we’ve created the dance program with that in mind. The moves have been carefully designed for easy “body memorization”. We’ve chosen moves for beginner dancers, BUT if you think you’ve got it down, we’ve put in plenty of extras to keep you busy and coming back to the program. Finally, we finish with a workout in each style of dance that either focuses on stretching, cardio, or strength.

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