Harassment Free Culture 2020 by Accelerate Learning & Development

Udemy course Harassment Free Culture 2020 by Accelerate Learning & Development

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Abouth Accelerate Learning & Development

At Accelerate we are committed to developing leadership skills in Frontline Managers. We design programs to address the actual context within which your organization operates and provide you with the necessary skills to effectively manage the challenges facing your business. Our trainings are rich in interactive exercises that engage participants in a way that strengthens the learning process and makes the lessons learned more durable.

Harassment Free Culture 2020

What the udemy Harassment Free Culture 2020 course teaches?

What you’ll learn Overview of Harassment Law as it pertains to Managers After this course, you will have met the legal requirements for completing Sexual Harassment training for managers. Areas covered in the training include: Quid Pro Quo and Protected Class Sexual Harassment Hostile Work Environment Gender Recognition Offsite and After Hours Conduct Sex and Romance in the Workplace Electronic Communications Retaliation The Cost of Harassment How to File a Complaint What to Do if You are Accused of Harassment Managers’ Responsibilities Employers’ Obligation to Conduct an Investigation Show more Show less

Sexual Harassment Training for Managers (2 Hours)

More information about the course Harassment Free Culture 2020

Everyone says that their Sexual Harassment training is different, more interactive and engaging than every other boring, painful compliance training. However once you review those trainings, they are all pretty much the same… boring, painful compliance training. They all claim to reduce harassment by creating an engaging workplace. We all know that this training is required by law as a start to creating a change in culture. But if the behaviors of management and employees doesn’t change, nor will the culture. The power of this training comes from our use of real HR Executives explaining real situations they faced, not fictional scenarios. Participants in the training first hear the stories then get to respond to how they think the situation was resolved. Aa a recent participant said, “You can’t make this stuff up”. This training meets the requirements in all fifty states and really does make a difference. It is truly the Gold Standard of Anti-Harassment Training By the end of this course, participants will be able to describe their rights and responsibilities related to creating a Harassment Free Culture .

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