Guitar Basics – For Total Beginners by Will Edwards

Udemy course Guitar Basics – For Total Beginners by Will Edwards

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  • Author: Will Edwards
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: Music
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Will Edwards

I am a full-time professional musician who has broad teaching experience with guitar & bass students in rock, blues, jazz and many other genres. I perform live on bass, guitar and keyboards.  In addition, I perform live electronic music improvisation.  I’ve devoted over 26 years to my own well-rounded musical education, focusing on a mastery of all aspects of modern music – from music theory to ear training; from live performance to composition and practice routines.

Guitar Basics - For Total Beginners

What the udemy Guitar Basics – For Total Beginners course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to tune your guitar How to hold your guitar (posture) Play basic scales and chords Use arpeggios to improvise basic solos. Read guitar tab Prepare to jam with friends for fun

Get started playing the guitar, learn how to practice and advance as if you’re taking virtual private lessons.

More information about the course Guitar Basics – For Total Beginners

Whether you’re a complete beginner who has no idea how to even tune a guitar or just a part-time dabbler who wants to be able to break through and make music for the first time on guitar, this course will help you get started and stay focused. In this course, you’ll start with the basics and end up improvising solos and playing along with your favorite songs.  The essentials of good musicianship are presented, plus you’ll learn how to play guitar solos and read chord diagrams.  This course is packed with the most useful topics that take up the first few months of private guitar lessons – take it from me… I’ve been teaching years and I’ve taught thousands of lessons. While many self-taught guitarists can eventually find their own way to knowing everything in this course, many of them take years to get there (stumbling without a focus).  Worse yet, many never make it past buying their first guitar because they don’t know what to practice or learn first, second, third… This course presents 3 main sections – each one dedicated to a fundamental goal and set of skills: Knowing enough to play music casually with friends and other musicians. Refining your sense of timing and rhythm, so your playing “works” and sounds great Understanding how to use easy fretboard patterns to make up basic (but good-sounding) guitar solos Contents and Overview After a brief introduction, this course settles into a natural flow of lectures and practice, with each topic being presented completely and concisely to save you time and keep you focused.  Music lessons can be overwhelming at the beginning, so this course stays laser-focused and walks you through step-by-step.  Your lessons will also show you how to use fretboard patterns to learn to play the major scale – the building block for all western music. You’ll discover a musical “recipe” called the 12-Bar Blues and use it to practice everything from rhythm playing to soloing.  You’ll understand how to properly use a metronome to optimize your practice time and ensure the most rapid progress possible.  Each topic will set guidelines for you to follow and achieve (goal tempos, recommended repetitions and hands on demonstrations of complex concepts). You’ll learn how to think (and talk) about rhythm in music.  But, more importantly you’ll learn how to actually play with great rhythm and practice getting better every day…  You’ll revisit the 12-Bar Blues with each of the 3 main topics and see how music pulls rhythm, chords and melody together into a cohesive recipe for music. Next, you’ll discover, define and learn to play fretboard patterns for arpeggios (which are like chords, but used to play guitar solos and write melodies).  Using the finger and fretboard patterns in this course, you’ll have a clear path to playing solos off the top of your head.  We call arpeggios the “scaffolding” of a great solo and you’ll learn why and how that is completely true! Lastly, you’ll watch a complete hands-on demonstration of a guitar solo made up of arpeggios.  You’ll gain insights into how lead guitar is possible – even for beginners – and begin to break through the beginner phase of guitar playing into more interesting intermediate creativity. Along the way, you’ll discover new terms and concepts.  You’ll learn to read chord diagrams and guitar tab.  The course contains helpful PDFs, audio recordings and jam tracks to help you advance at your own pace.  Join this course and start playing guitar the right way, by understanding the fundamentals and developing great musicianship from day one.

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