Graphic Design using PowerPoint | Beginner to Professional by Tanmoy Das

Udemy course Graphic Design using PowerPoint | Beginner to Professional by Tanmoy Das

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  • Author: Tanmoy Das
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Design
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Tanmoy Das

13 Years working as a Freelancer & at different MNCs have taught me a lot of practical and techno-functional skills which I have shared with many of my students and colleagues in the physical world. Now, it is time to get into the Virtual World and share the knowledge with many more developing and growing hearts & minds from across the world.

Graphic Design using PowerPoint | Beginner to Professional

What the udemy Graphic Design using PowerPoint | Beginner to Professional course teaches?

What you’ll learn Basics of graphic design, principles, colors & typography. Apply graphic design concepts to practical and effective design projects. Advanced PowerPoint design techniques and features handling shapes, texts and their formatting from the ground up. Acknowledge, visualize and accept Microsoft PowerPoint as a graphic designing software at par with other standard applications. Create Professional Graphic Content and web graphics for your brand, blogs or websites and social media. Design custom logos, banners, adverts, flat icons, business cards, brochures & flyers and even eBook covers with absolutely no prior designing skills. Design social media graphic content like Facebook covers, YouTube Channel Art, Twitter covers, Pinterest Pins, Instagram Images. Create infographics, timelines, data visualizations using PowerPoint. Manipulate images found online and retouch to make completely different version and use in your graphic content. Save designs as simple images (JPG, PNG, GIF), print ready high-resolution images and vectors in PowerPoint.

Create visually engaging, highly captivating and professional Graphic Design using PowerPoint without prior Know-how

More information about the course Graphic Design using PowerPoint | Beginner to Professional

Greetings my friend! Do you need to regularly develop graphic content or work on graphic design projects but are overwhelmed by the technicalities of traditional software used for such work? Do you find it difficult to work with the plethora of features, options, functionalities and attributes that any typical graphic designing software has? Looking for an easier alternative? Do you want to dominate graphic designing using a tool that most of us already have at our disposal, which is very easy to handle, quick to adapt to and super easy to master? Welcome to this course where I will teach you how to be a master of professional graphic designing using PowerPoint , in quick time. You will be able to unleash your creativity and design brilliant graphic contents, like logos, icons, banners, social media image content, eBook covers and many more. Do not worry if you are new to graphic designing or to PowerPoint application. I will take you through both, step by step. I will try to go as slow as possible in the beginning and explain each lecture and we will practice examples together so that even a newbie in PowerPoint and in graphic design can make full use of this course. Why PowerPoint as a graphic designing tool? There are two main reasons that I absolutely love designing graphic content on PowerPoint. Firstly, the luxury of access as most of us using Microsoft Office Suite would automatically have access to PowerPoint application as well. It is very easily and readily available piece of resource that we need to get started with graphic designing. Secondly, the ease of mastering the application. PowerPoint is a very easy to learn and implement software where you need not be a trained and seasoned power user – be it on Mac or a Windows PC. Besides, if you already have PowerPoint, why not use it to the fullest ? I will teach you a few hidden features of the application that many would not have discovered even after working with it for years (just because they never had to do anything apart from designing slides and presentations, not anything else). These functionalities and features of PowerPoint make it a strong alternative tool for Graphics Designing. What’s inside? This course, Graphic Design using PowerPoint | Beginner to Professional ,  has more of theory and practical explanation of what is being taught. Theory is very much needed to clear the concepts and get any mental roadblock out of the way. I strongly believe that only once my concepts are clear and I know what graphic design is and how I can use PowerPoint as a tool I can start designing highly engaging and motivating graphic content. I will also explain everything with practical examples which will help the absolute beginner to understand the concepts and apply them in their work – slowly but surely. This course has a lot of exercises as well, and hands on examples of various kinds of graphic content that one can design in PowerPoint. However, each lecture of this course can essentially have three parts: Concept – where I talk about that graphic content and the design concept behind it (things that you should know when you work on a practical project). Practical explanation – where I will create the graphic content and show you how it is done in PowerPoint. Practice assignment – where you create that same thing and submit as an assignment (these are obviously optional, but highly recommended). Live Projects ( at the end of this course, you will be able to create the following graphic designs ): Flat icon Logo Banner Social Media Images – Facebook & Twitter covers YouTube Thumbnails & Channel Art Pinterest Pins Instagram Images Business Cards eBook cover Infographics And so on… I will be adding new projects from time to time. Disclaimer: Here I think it is important that I mention that while I love designing on PowerPoint, I cannot deny that traditional graphic design software are much more stronger and can do a lot more than what PowerPoint can do. Powe…

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