Gradle Fundamentals by Jimmy H.

Udemy course Gradle Fundamentals by Jimmy H.

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Course data:

  • Author: Jimmy H.
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Jimmy H.

Jim works as a software developer, programmer and technical architect. He has been a professional programmer in the private sector since the early nineties. He has worked  in both product and service-based software companies. He has worked with languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, Objective-C, Scala, JavaScript C and C++.

Gradle Fundamentals

What the udemy Gradle Fundamentals course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn and understand the fundamentals of Gradle. Learn how to setup and use Gradle. Learn how to build a Java project with Gradle. How to create Gradle tasks and use Gradle in the cloud. How to add dependency to a project and create a library module. Learn about the Gradle project structure.

Learn the fundamentals of Gradle

More information about the course Gradle Fundamentals

Gradle is an extensive build tool and dependency manager for programming projects. Gradle can automate the building, testing, publishing, deployment and more of software packages or other types of projects such as generated static websites, generated documentation or anything else. In this course students will learn the core concepts of Gradle and how to use Gradle to manage building, testing and deploying your Java application. We will first go through some Gradle fundamentals and how to build a Java project with Gradle, add a dependency to a project,¬† and create a library module. We’ll also get into the Gradle project structure, Gradle tasks, Gradle in the cloud, and more. Students will learn by doing, by working through exercises designed to build on the presented material and explore.

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