Get Your own Video editing style by Marc Parisel

Udemy course Get Your own Video editing style by Marc Parisel

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  • Author: Marc Parisel
  • Course rating: 3.5
  • Category: Photography & Video
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Marc Parisel

Film maker and directing my own videos / movies, I started my passion on stage when I was 5 years old as a dancer. Ballet (12 years), Contemporary (6 years), Modern Jazz (6 years) and Hip-Hop (6 years), I feel my self when I am on stage. I kept going with fashion shows as model, TV shows and movies where I also gain a lot of experience and knowledge in front and behind the camera.

Get Your own Video editing style

What the udemy Get Your own Video editing style course teaches?

What you’ll learn Video Editing skills from beginners to advance Workflow Organisation Color Grading Be independent creating your own style Apply Cinematic features to your videos Get the mindset of the Editor Color correct your footages Tricks to optimize your project

Dare to be you in your editing room

More information about the course Get Your own Video editing style

My name is Marc and I am a movie maker. Through my journey I had to face issues that sometime made me step back from daring because of hte look of others or even me not trusting my own work. Well this period is behind me and now I am sharing my experiences, my breakthrough for you to get faster on the process of learning. And above all get reassured, we all make mistakes and this is why I am also here. Build the trust in yourself we sometimes miss when we do things alone with the inner voice refraining us from doing things. I am doing the contrary, I want to foster you to dare to be you through your edit. Get rid of any judgement and enjoy yourself creating starting from now on. Learn technical skills and follow a class where you will let go on yourself daring to mess with the parameters and give your own touch to your video edit. Enhance your Storytelling, because who else could render your vision in your videos better than you? Three different topics are covered: The workflow, 10 tricks to optimize your work on your software when it comes to edit your videos and finally let us deal with color correction and color grading. At every step I will accompany you and check your understanding of the lectures through small quiz you will be able to have fun with. Nothing complicated, go step by stepĀ  and I am sure you will start to enjoy move levels on each parameters you will have to deal with in your further edits. So On your Marc, get ready and go for it. see you soon in my videos.

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