Get Clients: How To Get Coaching Or Consulting Clients by Debbie LaChusa

Udemy course Get Clients: How To Get Coaching Or Consulting Clients by Debbie LaChusa

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  • Author: Debbie LaChusa
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Business Strategy
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Get Clients: How To Get Coaching Or Consulting Clients

What the udemy Get Clients: How To Get Coaching Or Consulting Clients course teaches?

What you’ll learn Know exactly what type of clients you should be targeting Know where to find your ideal clients Know how to communicate what you do for your ideal clients so they want to work with you Know where to find your ideal clients and how to reach out and make offers to them Know how to sell your services in a way that’s comfortable and effective and helps you turn interested prospects into paying clients Understand the most common mistakes coaches and consultants make that prevent them from getting paying clients Know whether or not you should start with free, practice clients to get your business up and running Find out if you’re really cut out to be in business on your own so you can either go for it, or not waste your time

Learn 6 Simple Steps You Can Take This Week to Help You Start Getting Clients

More information about the course Get Clients: How To Get Coaching Or Consulting Clients

Getting clients is where most coaches and consultants get stuck. Hi! My name is Debbie LaChusa. I’ve been in business on my own, as a coach, consultant, trainer, and online teacher for more than 20 years. And, after creating three, 6-figure businesses, I’ve learned it’s actually pretty simple to get clients. But what’s simple is not always easy, or comfortable. This course focuses on teaching you the 6 Basic Steps every coach or consultant needs to take if they want to get clients. In my experience, after helping other coaches and consultants build their businesses for 20+ years, I’ve discovered that most coaches and consultants who are struggling to fill their business with clients are actually avoiding these steps. Instead, they’re spending their time and money on the wrong things, things they think they need to do, but that don’t directly bring them clients. Are you an independent coach or consultant struggling to fill your practice with clients? Maybe you too are avoiding these 6 steps. Many coaches and consultants invest hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars to set up their business, but still find themselves months, or even years later, without clients. That’s because they’re focusing on the wrong activities. They may have a really cool website, a beautiful logo, brochure, business cards, and maybe even a Facebook Page… in fact, they have all the marketing bells and whistles, but what they don’t have are clients. There are lots of things you can keep yourself busy with when you have your own business. But guess what? While those things may be fun to work on… while they may make it look like you have a business, the reality is without clients you don’t have a business. If your primary goal is to fill your coaching or consulting business with clients (and it should be!), then the 6 steps I teach in this course are the action items you need to focus on. Everything else can wait. Don’t expect this course to teach you some obscure or complicated marketing or sales tactics to help you get clients. Because that’s not what it takes to get clients. As I said, it’s pretty simple, yet in my experience working with clients for more than 20 years, I found most were not doing these simple activities. Instead, they were doing all the things they thought they were supposed to do. I’m here to tell you those things don’t matter when you’re just starting out OR you’re struggling to get clients. So, if you need clients and you’re ready to let go of what you’re doing now and learn the down and dirty, basic steps you really need to take to get clients, this course is for you. I’m going to teach you 6 steps you can take to start getting clients immediately. I promise, if you take them, you will get clients. What this course covers: What most new, or struggling, coaches and consultants spend their time doing and why you shouldn’t be doing this. What you should spending your time on if you want or need clients quickly. What most coaches and consultants think they need to do before they can get clients and why it’s absolutely NOT necessary. How the way most coaches and consultants start out in business actually delays them from getting paying clients
. Why getting clients should be your #1 priority. The only things you need to do before you get your first client (it’s probably a lot less than you think). 3 simple things you can do this week (actually in a little as 3 days) so you can start getting clients next week. 3 simple things to do next week to get you clients immediately (it’s not hard but most people don’t do this… if you do you will get clients). How working with free, practice clients can actually hurt your ability to get paying clients. A checklist to help you determine whether or not you should start with free, practice clients (in some cases it does make sense, but you have to be careful). A logo, business cards, and yes, even a website, aren’t the priority. When I started my consulting business back in 1998 I …

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