Gaming with BIM Models, 3d Coordination by Enrique Galicia

Udemy course Gaming with BIM Models, 3d Coordination by Enrique Galicia

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  • Author: Enrique Galicia
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: IT & Software
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Enrique Galicia

International Consultant and Trainer for  ESI Engineering Science Institute For Training

Gaming with BIM Models, 3d Coordination

What the udemy Gaming with BIM Models, 3d Coordination course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to export from Revit 2018 to Unreal engine using 3d Max Features and see the model Set Materials and Collision Objects so they can live the space with a player Configure reset of game and review capabilities for each element by visibility Create simulators for interact with the space with no installation required and no further knowledge to use required

Using Revit 2018, Dynamo, 3d Max and Unreal Engine to create interactive coordination processes

More information about the course Gaming with BIM Models, 3d Coordination

This course it’s designed to teach you how to create an executable first person BIM Model interactive game using a BIM Model and Unreal Engine BIM is now on a second digital revolution where communication skills and programming would create a different value to construction and infrastructure BIM projects, the core stream would be reflected in responses and computer analysis rather than handmade models. This course its the first step to mix communication, graphical environments, BIM Models, and Visual Programming as seen on Dynamo. Communication is the core competence require for a fluent BIM Coordination, and nevertheless we can review the models on Revit, Design Review and Navisworks, to the end user, client, and other stakeholders it may seem quite complicated. A lot of developments are pushing communication througth two streams, low-medium quality througth web browsers usign Forge and other developments, and the other one High-inmmersive Virtual Reality Gaming Engines, so its time to work around those two streams starting with the second one by learning basic workflows with Unreal Engine. A visually striking presentation or interactive file can lead a winning project. This Workflow would use Revit, some Dynamo scripts to review information or extract it, then we will learn how to export files to 3dMax for Normal Correction, and then export it to Unreal Engine, review basic workflows for a interactive file and export it as an executable review. This course complements with other courses such as Dynamo Basic Modeling, Mastering Geometry with Dynamo, and it will  also set a new requirement for future courses using unreal and BIM models like game simulations for construction, and Sales Presenter course with other workflows. The course has 1 sample model to follow up so then you can do your own. Go at your own pace, jump between sections and enjoy a lifetime access of content Also, we have a direct response for any topic listed, so we can improve the content. Be the first to know of future courses regarding BIM, take advantage of all the opportunities that may appear and use it to improve your work performance and get better job positions.

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