Gamification – engage customers in your business! by Infolia Business Academy

Udemy course Gamification – engage customers in your business! by Infolia Business Academy

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  • Author: Infolia Business Academy
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  • Category: Design
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Gamification - engage customers in your business!

What the udemy Gamification – engage customers in your business! course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to move from a task to a game: ABCs, theory, dependable solutions. The steps you should take to introduce gamification and see results. Methods and rules for engaging clients in gamification. How to encourage some behaviors and routines and make customers want to start their day by checking updates on your website, buy your products or drop by your cafĂ© more often. How do H&M, Honda, Nike and other big players use gamification? Mistakes you should be avoiding. Learn from others’ failures: a discussion of Microsoft and Tesco slip-ups. Products that advertise themselves: if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on advertising, this is something to look into. Why the 4P’s of marketing don’t work today. Urgent optimism, blissful productivity and epic win and how to use them. Sounds confusing? We’ll solve the mystery. How to create a great experience: the magic circle and how to use it. Not everyone plays for the same reasons: what types of players are there and what makes them tick? How to create attractive offers for all player types. Rewards for effort or achievement? What motivates and demotivates players most? Create totems, or objects that advertise you in the real world. How to use collections in your shop, startup or restaurant. Different game types and ways of building fun using narratives. Why was FarmVille such a hit on Facebook? Can you repeat this success story? Adidas, Versace and Ferrari: what do they have in common with gamification? Clients want choice, but they don’t know what they want: how to fake choice in shops or restaurants. What are the nuts and bolts of creating good gamification: what’s the key to getting consumers’ attention? Using gamification in marketing. How to challenge customers to make them more engaged. Collections, scores, reward schemes: how to combine them get the best result and engage customers. Show more Show less

Gamification – engage your customers and win new audience.

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Gamification: the hottest marketing trend – learn how to win new audiences and engage existing customers. LIMITED OFFER – 3 BONUSES INCLUDED IN COURSE! BONUS #1 – Full book about Gamification for FREE BONUS #2 – Certificate of getting this course done BONUS #3 – Great gamification idea! About the course You’ll discover a series of handy tips and dozens of real examples of businesses that used gamification to great results. This course features both a wealth of expert knowledge and many fitting case studies that prove gamification is a necessary component in current marketing. We have years of hands-on experience in gamification, and would love to share it with you to help you design a gamification strategy tailor-made for your customers, whether your business is an online retail store, small local flower shop, advertising agency or barber’s. Course is full of valuable tidbits and reliable knowledge that will let you understand your customers and their choices and approach them in a way that win their affection. As the average consumer becomes indifferent to standard advertisement, it’s time you used something special and remarkable to get the results. Follow the emotions… If you’re thinking of introducing a loyalty program, building up a brand identity or engaging customers in things they were avoiding before, there are two elements to remember about: the narrative and fun. They both underpin the aspect that drives customers: emotions. The best loyalty programs can engage clients in fun on a cerebral level. Good gamification engages you into wanting to achieve a goal. That’s the thing you focus on: doing something. Rewards only come later. When you know what motivates your customers, you can offer them absorbing gamification that will encourage them to fight for a better status and appreciation in your company. Priority customer service? A lifelong discount on company products and priority unlimited access? What about being personally greeted by the chef in a prestigious restaurant? Customers are willing to do a lot to gain these privileges, and that’s why you ought to give them a chance to do it. Go for it!

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