Functional Programming using Elixir – The Complete Course by Eduonix Learning Solutions

Udemy course Functional Programming using Elixir – The Complete Course by Eduonix Learning Solutions

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Functional Programming using Elixir - The Complete Course

What the udemy Functional Programming using Elixir – The Complete Course course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn the core concepts of Elixir programming language Learn functional programming in Elixir Learn advance concepts such as metaprogramming, distributed tasks and fault tolerance Learn to build real world software using Elixir

Learn the cutting edge functional programming language Elixir and build fault tolerant software

More information about the course Functional Programming using Elixir – The Complete Course

Elixir is a programming language used by application developers of all kinds and it is best for building scalable and maintainable applications. There are lot of people that are jumping on board with Elixir because it sort of has elegance. Elixir is a functional language and it runs on the top of Erlang virtual machine, which implies it is also inherently concurrent and distributed, whereas the syntax is very straight forward, it’s unlike any other functional languages. The emphasizing reasons why people typically get excited is because, it is fun to read and write, and it has lots of built-in features for building reliable systems. Our course is designed keeping newbies and freshers in mind, the course separates language into simple bits and pieces that enables you grasp the language easily and furthermore help you to start programming quickly. In this course we are going to start with basics of functional programming which is for example quite different from object oriented programming. We will even dive deep in the basics of Elixir and how it is different from other popular language with all the specifications. How it work with the processes and makes its stand apart. In the next section we will see what is node, tasks, and agents. You will also learn how to work with GenServer i.e. the part of OTP framework that comes from Erlang with the applications in Elixir with all the dependencies. What are supervisors and how they can ensure for the tool runs. That’s not all, you will also see what is Mix tools that comes with Elixir along with the Metaprogramming concepts. We have designed this course for newbies, everything is packed in this course that a developer need. We can say that Elixir is not only a great programming language that allows you to build powerful applications, but also because it has all the goodness provided by Erlang, it has many tools under the belt which makes it very easy for newcomers to built complex systems. You don’t need any third party solutions to go through all the processes, or to introduce all the parallel execution of the code, to store your data in the memory, because there is even a separate database management system that is available for Erlang in Elixir. We really encourage you to try Elixir because while alluring this language you will have the possibility to look at the process of programming from a different angle. All these new concepts will allow you to think a bit differently. With our simple to learn course, you won’t just take in the nuts and bolts but will advance further to more complex functional programming ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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