Free Resource Tools: Turn Speech To Text With Just One Click by Rose for Udemy and Kindle

Udemy course Free Resource Tools: Turn Speech To Text With Just One Click by Rose for Udemy and Kindle

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  • Author: Rose for Udemy and Kindle
  • Course rating: 3.7
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Rose for Udemy and Kindle

Rose is a professional teacher (Music & Business) and Best Selling author of many books in Amazon Kindle. She has helped many students to become very successful in Amazon Kindle Publishing and is making  a huge impact formatting Kindle books perfectly for her clients.  She coaches her clients to become successful in their expertise as they too share their passion, skill and knowlege with the world.  Many of her students have become Best Selling Author in their categories.

Free Resource Tools: Turn Speech To Text With Just One Click

What the udemy Free Resource Tools: Turn Speech To Text With Just One Click course teaches?

What you’ll learn TAP into the power of Free Resources to get text transcripts DISCOVER new ways to turn speech to text USE these resource tools to speed up their work FIND OUT who easy it is to use these free resources SAVE a lot of time using these tools to turn speech to text AUTOMATICALLY create draft transcripts from their audio/video files

Use these powerfu free resource tool to turn speech to text automatically. Use these free sites on the net! Easy & Fast

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This MINI Course is taken from a section of: Closed Captions # 3 -Tools & Free Resources to do CC Smartly!  If you have already taken CC Training #3, there is no need to take this course. The reason why I want to put this course as a mini independent course is because students are not wanting to go into detail of the CC Files but they want to get to work and see what Resource Tools are available!  This is the VALUE of this course. Take note of this Review from a Student, thus the importance of this Course: From Chakb CM: Outstanding course !!! I got more value from some minutes in this course than days of research about the subject, this practical information is not only will save lot of time in any business, but it can be turned into a business on it’s own !!! Mention to the great way of teaching, clear and to the point !! I recommend this course to anybody who want to save time and money, and also make an income from the information in this course ! From Sue Moseley: This has just solved a problem for me – perfect timing and very helpful. From Dan T. Amazing course. Short and sweet. Very well done Rosa! 😉 From Deborah Wojcicki Great course Rosa – Thank you for presenting  different options for easily creating closed captions. I am far less  intimidated by the process! From Sherry Jones Great class! I was amazed to see all of the  different options to transcribe speech to text. If you want an easy way  to create text files from your audio or video files this is a great  class to show you how. _____________________________________________________ In this course, you will get 4 Resource Tools to get text transcripts automatically.  Just one click of a finger.  This saves you tons of time! 1.  A Free Online Tool to turn speech to text 2.  You Tube Platform 3.  CCSubs 4.  Camtasia – You can get a free trial Why do you want to turn Speech to Text? In the Amazon Video Direct Platform , they  now require that you do “Closed Captions” before they will approve your videos. To create “Closed Captions” files – the first thing is to get the TRANSCRIPT of your speech to text. This is a most tedious task for many of us.The good news is that you can now use different resources to help you get this done for you with ONE click and it is AUTOMATIC. This is a big time saver! I call it MIRACLE time saver for entrepenuers like you and I. This is why I created these videos for you! ************************************************************************** Rosa’s Online School: Teaching 24      Courses on Business Successes – Udemy, Kindle, Skillshare! Teaching 93      Courses on Music & Piano Courses! OVER 74,000 Successful students have already taken my online courses since July 2014 with many 5 Star Reviews ________________________________________ About Rosa’s Online Course: Over 74 ,000 very happy students already in my Udemy classes See the 5 Star Reviews from VERY satisfied students You get free lifetime access All videos are at your finger tips to watch anytime & anywhere All future extra lectures and upgrades are always free Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee and that’s my personal promise to your success! Join this happy family of students Enroll into the course and I will see you inside , Rosa

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