Forex Trading Course: Trade the 12 Forex Robots I Trade Live by Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov

Udemy course Forex Trading Course: Trade the 12 Forex Robots I Trade Live by Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov

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  • Author: Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov
  • Course rating: 4.6
  • Category: Investing & Trading
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Petko Zhivkov Aleksandrov

My name is Petko Alexandrov, and I am a professional trader & investor.

Forex Trading Course: Trade the 12 Forex Robots I Trade Live

What the udemy Forex Trading Course: Trade the 12 Forex Robots I Trade Live course teaches?

What you’ll learn My experience that I have gained during the years in one Forex Trading Course The ability to create an unlimited number of Forex strategies and trade them as Expert Advisors without coding Manage a portfolio of Forex Trading Robots that will diversify your risk and trade the top Expert Advisors Automate your manual Forex Strategy into a Forex Robot without programming skills Backtesting any Forex Robot, and eliminate the time for Demo testing Spend only 15 – 30 minutes per week to observe the performance of the Forex Robots Create robust Forex trading strategies, using professional tools like Monte Carlo and Multi Markets Practice with strategy builders, and generate Forex strategies faster than ever before

Automate your Forex Trading with Expert Advisors: Get my Best 12 Forex Robots with this Forex Trading Course!

More information about the course Forex Trading Course: Trade the 12 Forex Robots I Trade Live

Forex trading course that will give you all you need to start algorithmic trading from Scratch! You will learn our best methods to create a profitable portfolio of Forex strategies, and you will start practicing with not one Forex Robot but with 12 different EAs monthly. Are you looking to automate your trading using Forex Robots and spend less time in front of the screen? Тhis is precisely what you will learn in this Forex trading course. Regardless of your level of trading or how much time you have spent trading, you will receive everything you need to start professional algorithmic trading. This online Forex trading course will allow you to learn whenever you have free time and wherever you are. All you need to start practicing algorithmic trading is a laptop/computer with an internet connection. Who is the instructor? My name is Petko Aleksandrov, and I have been trading professionally for the last 10 years. Over 15 000 students joined my online courses this year, which gives me so much energy to keep sharing my experience and trading methods. With my team in EA Forex Academy, we follow the best methods and look for the newest technologies in algorithmic trading to provide high-quality online trading courses. In this Forex trading course, I will teach you to build your portfolio of strategies and turn them into Expert Advisors for algorithmic trading.  This way, you will not depend only on one Forex strategy or Forex Robot, and you will diversify your risk. You do not have a profitable Forex strategy? I will teach you how to generate many strategies over your broker’s historical data and export them as Expert Advisors or the so-called Robots for trading. What will you learn in this Forex trading course? why using the Historical data from your broker is so important how to collect and update the Historical data from your broker generate strategies with predefined rules and criteria analyze the results based on the statistics use different methods to select the best strategies to automate you will know how to avoid over-optimization in the Expert Advisors do the whole process automatically and spend less time on each strategy what is the Forex VPS, and do you really need one for Forex Robot Trading my experience in algo trading in one Forex trading course You will learn how to select the strategies that stand behind the EAs properly. I will show you my three methods: Validation criteria Equity line Statistical information Algorithmic trading is a must nowadays for all traders. And it is much easier than it was before. What is the Portfolio of Forex Strategies? I trade many strategies in one trading account. I do not rely on a single Forex Strategy. And this is possible to be done only with Expert Advisors. Manual trading with more than 2-3 strategies is nearly impossible. With Expert Advisors, I can simultaneously trade 100s of Forex strategies, and I will show you the complete process that I follow. The Forex trading course is designed for Forex traders who wish to step into algorithmic trading depth and improve their Forex Trading with Forex Robots. Many traders get frustrated after they purchase an Expert Advisor or Forex strategy, which does not work as it was shown. Obviously, the reasons are there. These Expert Advisors were not created over your broker’s historical data, and you can not expect them to trade as promised. Why do these EAs fail? The sellers of Expert Advisors show perfect equity lines(sales illusion) These Forex strategies for algorithmic trading were over-optimized The only purpose is to sell the Expert Advisors(no maintenance) Algorithmic trading is a bit more than trading with a single Expert Advisor That is why we created this Forex trading course to create your Forex strategies and automate them without programming skills. You can test them and see the results at the moment over the proper historical data. You will also save yourself a lot of time by exporting the Forex strategies with …

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