Forensic accounting and fraud detection by Bhavishya Sri Perumal

Udemy course Forensic accounting and fraud detection by Bhavishya Sri Perumal

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  • Author: Bhavishya Sri Perumal
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  • Category: Finance & Accounting
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Abouth Bhavishya Sri Perumal

Forensic accounting and fraud detection

What the udemy Forensic accounting and fraud detection course teaches?

What you’ll learn Frauds and errors and the methods through which they are perpetrated

To understand errors and frauds and to know more about types of errors and frauds

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There are several different types of errors in accounting. Accounting errors are usually unintentional mistakes made when recording journal entries. Small accounting errors may not affect the final numbers in financial statements. Or they might cause major distortions in the overall figures. These types of errors require lots of time and resources to find and correct them The integrity of the information in  accounting system is only as good as the data  entered. This means including an item in the appropriate account, applying the correct description or code for the item, and entering the correct amount. Accounting errors can result from simple mistakes or misunderstanding accounting rules. Fraud in audits is when an entity is found to have illegally altered financial statements to manipulate its financial health or to hide profit or losses. It is severely punished since fraud undermines the trust that is the bedrock of the global financial system. Financial statement fraud is the deliberate misrepresentation of the financial condition of an enterprise accomplished through the intentional misstatement or omission of amounts or disclosures in the financial statements to deceive financial statement users. Please go through the curriculum thoroughly before purchasing the course The following topics are covered in this course: 1.Errors of omission 2.Errors of commission 3.Errors of principle 4.Compensating errors 5.Self revealing errors 6.Non Self revealing errors 7.Intentional errors 8.Unintentional errors 9.Concealed errors 10.Unconcealed errors 11.Errors affecting trial balance 12.Employee fraud 13.Managemnet fraud 14.Misappropriation of assets 15.Misappropriation of goods 16.Defalcation of cash 17.Window dressing 18.Fraudulent financial reporting 19.Management override of controls

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