Finding Answers Within: Meditation That Works by Roger Burnley

Udemy course Finding Answers Within: Meditation That Works by Roger Burnley

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  • Author: Roger Burnley
  • Course rating: 4.6
  • Category: Meditation
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Roger Burnley

I’ve been a teacher for over 30 years. I started as a vocal coach and mentor to thousands of professional singers including Grammy Winners, Platinum Selling artists, Movie Stars, Broadway Actors and more. After helping musicians and artists keep in their optimalĀ  mental state to great affect. Seeing how well my techniques worked as well as being asked to put together some official training, I’m now teaching my own take on Personal Development.

Finding Answers Within: Meditation That Works

What the udemy Finding Answers Within: Meditation That Works course teaches?

What you’ll learn Meditate easily and effectively. Learn how to make meditation accessible and usable in practical ways to enhance your life. Use Automatic Writing to tap into a steady flow of important insights that will provide you with guidance and a feeling of empowerment Avoid all the rigid guidelines that make meditation uncomfortable and difficult to practice, while retaining all the positive benefit Easily discover solutions to everyday challenges and conflicts so they cease to impact your life Use mediation to relieve stress, anxiety, fear, loneliness, disappointment, and shame, so these feelings cease to lower the quality of your life Experience more meaning and purpose in your life Find answers to questions about who you are and how your life can be lived in the best way possible You will have two tools which can bring you peace and relaxation in minutes, no matter what is going on in your life You will have a greater ability to control your thoughts, as well as the knowledge of where to direct them. You will have greater control of your internal state You will have the ability to create more satisfaction, happiness, joy, fulfillment and optimism You will learn how essential the knowledge of energy is your life, and discover your ability to direct that energy in positive ways. Show more Show less

Meditation Made Easy – Use Meditation to Relieve Stress, Reduce Pain, And Boost Confidence – In 5 Minutes A Day Or Less

More information about the course Finding Answers Within: Meditation That Works

Finding Answers Within teaches two powerful tools, Meditation and Automatic Writing. Meditation Meditation is often over complicated and taught with rigid guidelines that make it difficult to use. This course will make it simple and easy for you to meditate. In doing so you will be able to greatly relieve stress and anxiety, help to heal pain and suffering, and live with a wonderful sense of calm and well-being. Automatic Writing Automatic writing is a lesser known but equally powerful technique. You will discover how to examine your inner most thoughts. In doing so you will find solutions to everyday challenges, as well as answers to bigger questions like, “What is the meaning of my life”? Between these two techniques you will experience life with a new sense of calmness, less negative emotions, much more positive energy, and a greater sense of purpose and significance.

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