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Udemy course Find Your Voice And Help Others Find Theirs by LIVE LIFE EDUCATION

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Hi I am Lorna Third, Co-founder of Live Life Education.

Find Your Voice And Help Others Find Theirs

What the udemy Find Your Voice And Help Others Find Theirs course teaches?

What you’ll learn Why good advice falls on deaf ears. Find out what does work. How simple, yet effective communication, coaching and collaborative skills instils better performance, results and overall success. Why telling hardly ever works if you want lasting change and overall better results, in all areas of your life. Gain the confidence to confront poor performance situations to get a better results. Increase positive connections and reduce arguments. Master our New ‘Goal Setting For Success’ methodology, including our [AI]² process that drives Positive Change and Success for those you support. Become a Powerful Leader in your field, make a positive impact and lasting impression on the people you meet and support, so you can produce better quality results, quickly and effortlessly. How to apply all these skills to yourself, to help you ‘Find Your Voice’ and be better able to Lead from the front.

Learn Simple, Effective Communication and Coaching Skills to Help Empower Others You Support to Achieve More.

More information about the course Find Your Voice And Help Others Find Theirs

OVERVIEW OF THIS COURSE This could be a game changer for you! We created this course to help overcome 2 key problems in the world that are holding people back from being more successful in their life, they are: 1) Why people find change so damn hard (even when they know it is good for them) and how to overcome this problem , and 2) Why expert advice/ telling conversations (even if good advice when trying to help others we really want to help) doesn’t work and therefore, learn what does work , so you can help them improve their performance and overall results in life. Hence, the solution was created the ‘Find Your Voice and Help Others Find Theirs’ training course. Our Approach: We believe in our philosophy to get the best results we have to Learn and Do (Apply the Learning) hence, in each session are exercises ,actions to take, and encouragement to apply immediately, what you have learnt-this is how you grow!. We have done all the research so you don’t have to . We have taken the best elements from various branches of personal development and effectiveness, in the areas of: How all human beings work: The Chimp Paradox, Mindset and Motivation: Coaching and Communication: Behavioural Change, Successful Habit creation to name but a few. There are no tricks or gimmicks. It’s all based on good science and you can apply the content immediately, so you, and others you support, can start to get better results, in all areas of life. Therefore, learn the simply science, and the art of successful communication, coaching, positive influencing, and true goal setting, so you can increase your impact, influence and get the rewards your efforts deserve! DESCRIPTION OF THE COURSE CONTENT Effective Communication and Coaching Skills for Leaders (i.e. parents, managers, coaches and consultants etc.) helps create Powerful Collaborations, so that better outcomes, are achieved. Here is just a small sample of what we are covering inside the course: INTRODUCTION You’ll be able to understand the course content, whilst starting to explore your desired outcomes in life. Raise your awareness as to what might be some of the frustrations you have with your current communication and coaching style, so that we can re-visit these throughout the course, apply the learning and eliminate these frustrations you are currently experiencing. PART1. Title: The Problem with Telling You will understand why ‘telling’ instigates resistance to listening and therefore resistance to following through on the well- intended advice provided. Once we understand it helps us take appropriate actions to get better results. Start to put your session learnings into practice immediately, and master your new communication and coaching skills. PART 2 Title: How to Better Help and Influence Others Why not think two people, one agenda (at home and even in the workplace) – how powerful a co-created approach to action taking is more successful. Start to put your session learnings into practice immediately, and master your new communication and coaching skills. PART 3 Title: [AI]². Helping People Become More Aware, More Accountable, Better Anticipate Interference and Taking Inspired Action. Learn how to apply our unique [AI]² methodology, to ‘increase awareness’, ‘increase accountability’, ‘reduce interference’ and help others take the ‘inspired action’ needed to achieve a common desired outcome. PART 4: Goal Setting for Success- Learning How to Goal Set Properly. Learn why correct goal setting activities are your master key to success and how to do it, by learning our new approach to successful goal setting, which effectively builds confidence, so that inspired action is taken. Apply the processes, your effective communication and coaching skills, to support others, to help them achieve better results, in all areas of their life. PART 5: Your Own 12 Week Challenge This is your opportunity to apply your learning to your own 12 week challenge- identify what goal you would like to…

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