Fearless Business – Grow Your Business, Make More Money by Robin Waite

Udemy course Fearless Business – Grow Your Business, Make More Money by Robin Waite

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  • Author: Robin Waite
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Robin Waite

I am a business coach, speaker and the author of a bestselling book called Online Business Startup. From 2000 to 2004 I worked as a systems analyst in a large medical devices agency. This gave me a great insight into the world of business systems, processes, and efficiency. In 2004 I was looking for a new challenge and founded a successful branding and digital agency, The Coconut Group, based in the UK. And finally took on the mantle of Business Coach and speaker after the launch of my bestselling book, Online Business Startup. I have helped over 1,000 businesses create change and growth within their organisation since 2004 through a series of workshops and masterclasses, and 250 businesses directly through The Coconut Group. I gained a degree in Business Management whilst working as a systems analyst; this has provided me with a unique way of seeing businesses from outside-of-the-box. More recently I won a CPD Award from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.

Fearless Business - Grow Your Business, Make More Money

What the udemy Fearless Business – Grow Your Business, Make More Money course teaches?

What you’ll learn Approach their business with a completely different mindset. Understand how important the basic fundamentals of business are. Have very clear goals and know exactly how to achieve them. Confidence to charge more for your products and services

7 Steps To Doubling Your Turnover in 6 Months

More information about the course Fearless Business – Grow Your Business, Make More Money

Stop doing the same old thing and hoping that something is going to change. The Fearless Business course is designed to: change your perceptions of your own business leave you feeling inspired to take action with your business kickstart you into taking the steps to take your business up to the next level Having worked with over 1,000 service based businesses since 2004, business coach and author, Robin Waite typically starts to see serious long-lasting results for his clients businesses within 3-6 months. Some of Robin’s clients have doubled their turnover (and profit) in as little as 3 months. Specific Outcomes of The Fearless Business Course, you will : Have a clear idea of what a goal is and how to achieve it Know how to package up a service into “a product” Hear how “the Internet has broken Marketing” Understand your products inside and out and the relationship they have between one another How to price your products without having to adjust for market demands How to sell and market your products in a simple and effective way Leaving You Feeling: Fearless in business Less stressed Laser focussed The Full 6-Month Coaching Programme Covers: Module 1: Your Why (Goal Setting / Passion vs AOB / 4 Stages of Learning) Module 2: Products (Product Architecture / Product Packages) Module 3: Pricing (Pricing Mistakes / Customer Lifetime Value / Capacity Based Pricing) Module 4: Marketing (Marketing 101 / Social Ladder / 4 x Cs) Module 5: Sales (7-Step Sales Process / Signup Forms) Module 6: Productivity (Default Diary) Module 7: AOB (52 Week Content Strategy / Video Led Content / Social Media Automation) But First You Need To: watch the Fearless Business introduction which is 100% FREE watch it with an open mind see what you think and then buy the Fearless Business Course BONUS MATERIAL If you buy this course and leave a review on Udemy, I will happily offer you a 60-Minute Consultation worth over £500.

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