Fashion Brand Launch: Wholesale Strategies by Ward & Fifth Consulting

Udemy course Fashion Brand Launch: Wholesale Strategies by Ward & Fifth Consulting

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  • Author: Ward & Fifth Consulting
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  • Category: Business
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Abouth Ward & Fifth Consulting

Ward & Fifth’s founder, Shawn Ward is an entrepreneur, business consultant, incubator adviser, investor and branding professional with over 15+ years in the consumer goods, tech and digital marketing, with an expertise in bringing business ideas to market.

Fashion Brand Launch: Wholesale Strategies

What the udemy Fashion Brand Launch: Wholesale Strategies course teaches?

What you’ll learn The best sales strategies in sequence to launch a new brand Different ways to generate sales How to deal with boutique buyers, department stores, distributors, etc The #1 Key Metric to determine successful retail launch Tradeshows & Target Retailer Strategies The Industry Seasonal Timeline How to Determine If/When to Grant Retailers Credit Homework Assignment

How to effectively create and implement a thorough sales strategy

More information about the course Fashion Brand Launch: Wholesale Strategies

This is the course you will need to understand how to effectively implement and lean and mean sales strategy. The six video course includes a formal presentation of strategies taught by Shawn Ward. The course will cover the following subjects: Wholesale Strategies (Boutiques, Department Stores, Drop-Ship, etc) #1 Sales Metric in Retail: Sell-Thrus Staffing for Sales How to Find Target Retailers Tradeshows to attend & show Fashion Industry Seasonal Timeline How to Determine what credit terms should be extended to boutiques BONUS: Homework Assignment The course will allow every entrepreneur a chance to step back and make sure that your idea is one that can penetrate the marketplace. Rather your idea has been honed or is in the beginning stages, these courses will give every participant a clear starting point to make sure you carve out a niche in the market and have a reason to draw consumers to your brand. The course videos last roughly a total of 40 minutes. The course is structured into 6 lectures. If you have any questions relating to the course, please feel free to contact me here on Udemy! Please don’t forget to leave me a comment and a rating if you think it is appropriate to do so. 🙂 If you enjoyed this Course you may like to consider my other Courses here on Udemy: Fashion Brand Launch: Corporate Filings & Trademarks Testimonials: ~ Very informative. A great detailed overview of the necessities needed for launching a brand. Great amount of knowledge and insight presented. From practical to inspirational – Stevyn ~ It was jam packed full of info I was really looking for! – Cassy ~ Great visual aids & amazing webinar overall; extremely appreciative of the wealth of knowledge shared – Shayna ~ Great, easy to understand and follow. – Joseph ~ A lot of people start a business and don’t know the first thing about starting a business, so this was helpful. – Crystal ~ I really enjoyed this. I don’t know much about business but have an Idea and dream so this is very helpful and I can follow. This will give me a guideline. Thank you – Mona ~ Great, easy to understand and follow. – Joseph ~ I LOVE WARD & FIFTH!! – TG

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