Fashion Brand Launch: Corporate Filings and Trademarks by Ward & Fifth Consulting

Udemy course Fashion Brand Launch: Corporate Filings and Trademarks by Ward & Fifth Consulting

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  • Author: Ward & Fifth Consulting
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  • Category: Marketing
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Abouth Ward & Fifth Consulting

Ward & Fifth’s founder, Shawn Ward is an entrepreneur, business consultant, incubator adviser, investor and branding professional with over 15+ years in the consumer goods, tech and digital marketing, with an expertise in bringing business ideas to market.

Fashion Brand Launch: Corporate Filings and Trademarks

What the udemy Fashion Brand Launch: Corporate Filings and Trademarks course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn the basics of corporate filing Learn the styles of corporate filing: LLC and S-CORP Learn where to file: Your state versus Delaware Real-world strategies (no theory) from someone who’s done it. Shawn has launched multiple successful fashion brands and collaborations Learn how to register filing forms Learn the basics of trademarking Learn the fundamentals of work mark and design mark Learn the benefits of DBA (Doing Business As) Learn the difference between trade names and corporate names Lessons that will allow your company to grow and thrive in a saturated marketplace

Learn the critical steps needed to protect your concept and determine if you should file an S-Corporation or an LLC.

More information about the course Fashion Brand Launch: Corporate Filings and Trademarks

Not sure what corporate structure is good for your new company? Confused on why so many corporations are formed in Delaware? Want to insure that your concept is protected from copy-cats? Not sure if you need to trademark your logo? This is the only course you’ll need to make sure you have all of your administrative items covered before you introduce your brand to the marketplace. Protecting your brand’s name, logo and idea is very important and needs to be done before you begin anything that may be seen by the consumer. Learn how to determine if you should file your business as a Limited Liability Company or an S-Corporation , as well as where to register filing forms by looking at the benefits of filing in your home state versus Delaware . Learn the ins-and-outs of trademarking, from your brand’s word mark, design/logo marks, and DBA s (Doing Business As), while also learning the benefits to having an attorney versus doing it yourself. The Course Videos last a total of 37+ Minutes. The Course is structured into 7 Lectures. If you have question relating to the course, please feel free to contact me here on Udemy! Please don’t forget to leave me a comment and a rating if you think it is appropriate to do so. 🙂 If you enjoyed this Course you may like to consider my other Courses here on Udemy: Fashion Brand Launch: Market Research Strategies & Analysis Testimonials: ~ Very informative. A great detailed overview of the necessities needed for launching a brand. Great amount of knowledge and insight presented. From practical to inspirational – STEVYN ~ It was jam packed full of info I was really looking for! – Cassy ~ Great visual aids & amazing webinar overall; extremely appreciative of the wealth of knowledge shared – SHANYA ~ Great, easy to understand and follow. – Joseph ~ A lot of people start a business and don’t know the first thing about starting a business, so this was helpful.- Crystal ~ I really enjoyed this. I don’t know much about business but have an Idea and dream so this is very helpful and I can follow. This will give me a guideline. Thank you – Mona ~ I LOVE BOARDROOM ROCK STARS – TG ~ Highly recommend – JACKIE

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