Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Master Class by Ryan Meador

Udemy course Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Master Class by Ryan Meador

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  • Author: Ryan Meador
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Ryan Meador

I am a full time seller on Amazon FBA doing online arbitrage. I have been doing this for about two years. I started out with $100 and have turned that into thousands of dollars. Join my course today and find out you too can do the same! The course will pay for itself and you will make your money back on the first shipment guaranteed!

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Master Class

What the udemy Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Master Class course teaches?

What you’ll learn The basic and advanced techniques I use to make $150 a day dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace Advanced strategies to find profitable products How to properly list, ship and collect your profit Secret tracking tricks to get around non-conventional tracking numbers such as TBA from Amazon How to handle different customer scenarios How to limit your costs and beat your competition And much much more

Your Complete Guide to Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace

More information about the course Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Master Class

Facebook Marketplace is a huge platform with over 100 million active users shopping on it in the United States with an untapped market for dropshippers. It also offers higher profit margins that blow eBay and Amazon dropshipping out of the water.  I am currently making $150 a day in profit working less than one hour a day! In this course I will teach you: How to find hot products to sell How to list and price products Advanced Pricing Strategies How to monitor prices and stock levels How to maximize your profit How to get around Facebooks tracking numbers with a secret shipping trick How to deal with different customer service scenarios that will arrive Resources to make you more profit Excel sheets to easily manage your work And much, much more! This course is for anyone in the world. While United States citizens have an advantage on this platform, I teach ways to sell on the platform as an international user. If you are looking for passive income or a side hustle and want to work less than one hour a day on it, this course is for you! I have a preview video for your viewing and I will always be available within 24 hours to answer your questions. Ready to make easy money? Click buy now and let’s do this!

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