Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class by Igor Ovchinnikov

Udemy course Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class by Igor Ovchinnikov

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  • Author: Igor Ovchinnikov
  • Course rating: 4.6
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Igor Ovchinnikov

Igor Ovchinnikov is a professional corporate trainer who lives in San Francisco California . He has more than 15 years of experience in software and professional-development (AKA “soft-skills”) training. Among his major former and present happy clients are Stanford University, Apple, Boston Scientific, Genentech, Google, Stryker Endoscopy, Bayer, University of California, Altera and many others—all over Silicon Valley. His focus is on rapid skills development by using advanced cognitive-psychology based teaching techniques. He is renowned for his legendary crystal-clear explanations and instructions that make complex concepts extremely easy to understand and remember. He holds a Master’s degree in English, Literature and Linguistics with focus on effective teaching methodologies. He also holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Ohio State University’s Max Fisher College of Business . Plus, he is certified as Project Management Professional (PMP) by Project Management Institute (PMI). Before his successful teaching career, he worked for Price Waterhouse Coopers and IBM .

Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class

What the udemy Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn to create pivot table and pivot chart reports in Excel Use Excel pivot tables tools for data manipulatiion and data analysis in Excel Hone your analytical skills using Excel Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts Multiply productivity when working in Excel pivot tables Save time in Excel by using built-in Excel pivot table functionality Master data presentation by using Excel Pivot Tables

Excel at Excel Pivot Tables. Learn to create pivot-table and pivot-chart reports using Excel for data analysis.

More information about the course Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class

Greetings! I am super-excited to invite you to “Excel Pivot Tables Data Analysis Master Class” . As an Excel user, you simply must learn how to create Pivot Tables . Seriously, there is no better way to instantly sky-rocket your employability than to master Pivot Tables. Nothing comes close. Especially if you have to crunch large data sets and perform data analysis. In fact, lacking this crucial skill is like leaving a wide-gaping hole in your professional defenses. It keeps you exposed to an equivalent of a nasty sucker punch. A disaster waiting to happen: a bleeding nose, a bruised ego, and a brutally murdered professional reputation. That’s why savvy Excel users quickly discover that they need to learn how to use pivot tables ASAP. This Pivot Tables on-line training will teach you exactly how to tightly fill that gap, bullet-proof your Excel skill set, and boost your career to new heights. It teaches you how to create and use pivot tables for maximum benefit. So you are ready to tackle any sneaky data-analysis situation as a world-class, mega-skilled Excel ninja. I am introducing to you this super-easy-to-follow Excel Pivot Tables tutorial, where you’ll learn this powerful, but somewhat hidden functionality. Now, what shall you expect from this course? When you enroll, you’ll discover that this is not a regular on-line tutorial course where some starched up instructor keeps selling you their “expertise”. No way! Since my early days as an Excel trainer, I learned what works and what doesn’t in teaching software. That’s why, in this course, I teach you as a friend. You should expect a casual conversational style, clear explanations, and a pleasant learning experience. My focus is to help you learn Excel in an easy and comfortable way. From the very instant you enroll, I’ll gently lead you step by step through the most essential Pivot Tables techniques.Your learning curve will be astonishingly nice and smooth. As you go through the course, I’ll provide answers to your most burning questions. Such as: How do I prepare my dataset for pivot tables analysis? How do I create a pivot table? What is a pivot table and what is it used for? How do I create a pivot chart? How can I create a calculated field How do I create a calculated item? How do I extract data from a pivot table? How do I format a pivot table? How can I create a Pareto Chart using pivot tables? And more… I will be the needle, you will be the thread. As you follow me along, you’ll be more and more comfortable with Pivot Tables. Together we are just about to: 1) Learn how to quickly and easily create actionable pivot table reports. 2) Discover how to use pivot tables for data manipulation and data extraction. 3) Quickly fix data in Excel, so you are ready for analysis. 4) Become adept at the art and science of Pivot Table data crunching. 5) Quickly transform your raw data into useful, actionable information reports. 6) Impress your boss and your colleagues with your newly acquired and highly polished skills. 7) Acquire proven strategies, Excel tips and tricks, so you are mega-proficient at any task. 8) Excel at Excel in general, with or without pivot tables. And (again) much more… There are several reasons why it’s prudent for you to develop these skills: 1) Availability, 2) Power and flexibility, 4) Speed. Let me quickly explain… 1) You want to learn Pivot Tables simply because they are available to you right now. Think about it. Let’s say, you are already using Excel to create stunning spreadsheets. You may be comfortable with formulas and functions. You know how to do formatting – to make your workbooks look top-notch professional, but you don’t know how to use Pivot Tables. Why not? After all they are already there for you benefit. There is nothing extra to install. They are part of Excel. What would you say to a carpenter, who is using only manual tools and ignores the electrical ones? Would you hire someone who uses a hammer instead of a nail gun – be…

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