Entrepreneurship: Building Successful Business Partnerships! by Boomy Tokan

Udemy course Entrepreneurship: Building Successful Business Partnerships! by Boomy Tokan

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  • Author: Boomy Tokan
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Boomy Tokan

I strongly believe that people need to know their deepest interests to be able to function in their unique gifts and chosen areas. They should indeed develop all these gifts and become an expert in that space. This way, they fulfil their dreams and also serve a lot of people.

Entrepreneurship: Building Successful Business Partnerships!

What the udemy Entrepreneurship: Building Successful Business Partnerships! course teaches?

What you’ll learn Have insight into what makes businesses successful Understand how to protect your business and the relationship Be able to see how successfully business partnerships work Understand how to get the best out of the person you are working with Understand the need for have a written working agreement Realise the need to insulate yourself if things go wrong Know how to avoid the most common partnership mistakes Discover the top 21 things to include in your working agreement … and discover what not to do within a partnership relationship

Learn how to secure the future of your business and that of your relationships by following tried and tested principles

More information about the course Entrepreneurship: Building Successful Business Partnerships!

Updated: January 2022 Google, Apple, HP and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream have two things in common (among many others: These businesses were built by two people working together in some form of business partnership and They are all extremely successful businesses So, are you currently working with a Co-founder, Co-owner, Shareholders or friends? Are you in a Partnership business or perhaps you are a Husband and Wife team? Are you thinking of working with people in future? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you need this course! ‚ÄúStartup: Template For Successful Working Relationships” is for anyone who wants to build a business with a friend or partner and are serious about securing that the relationship and the profitability of the business. I have covered many of the topics that will help you: Learn how to secure your business’ future and your relationship at the same time whilst creating an environment that will foster growth and success by completing a working agreement check list; Understand how to make perfect selection and streamline the choosing process plus I have also included my own personal agreement I signed with a close friend and many more. Give yourself a brand new start and breathe new life into your business by enrolling in this life-changing course now. Why wait, increase the odds of your success and don’t delay. There is a cost for every minute you delay. All the ongoing updates to this course are free, for life. Plus you have my 30 day absolutely no questions asked full money back guarantee. Either way you win!

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