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  • Author: Enigma Engineering
  • Course rating: 4.3
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  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Enigma Engineering

We are an Edu-Tech Startup successfully offering offline courses PAN India, stepping into the Online world of Education. Offering courses on novel technologies in the automotive sector. Highly skilled trainers and commitment towards upskilling the workforce drive us to our company’s vision of imparting industry required skillsets among our students.

Electric Vehicle Technology

What the udemy Electric Vehicle Technology course teaches?

What you’ll learn A complete brief introduction to electric vehicle technology A complete guide to electric vehicle battery technology Charging technology and its future Myth busting facts about Conventional and Electric Vehicles Opening doors of opportunities in this niche sector of the automotive industry

Deep dive into EV Engineering to understand the science behind it

More information about the course Electric Vehicle Technology

INDUSTRY 4.0 stands on 4 pillars namely, Connected Mobility, Autonomous Mobility, Shared Mobility and Electric Mobility. Electric Vehicle Industry is rapidly growing and so the demand of skilled tecnocrates. Electric Vehicle technology and the science behind the cover are the most asked and most hot topic in INDUSTRY 4.0 Revolution. It will form a base pillar for the futuristic automotive technology. It may be an Autonomous cars or a simple Hybrid car, the basic you will carry forward will be the same and now it is the need for the industry proffessionals an aspiring engineering technocrates to know A-Z about an EV. EV Engineering is now a niche technological sector which need to be explored and our complete course will do this job for you. This course on Introduction to Electric Vehicle Technology will make you competent for the upcomming career opportunities in this sunrising sector. Upon completion of this course, the students will be able to understand about the following concepts on: Electric Vehicle Components and its Electrical Power Flow Types of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles and its architecture AC vs DC Charging Technology Smart Charging & Fast Charging Comparison between Conventional IC Engine and Electric Vehicles Design and Calculation for EV Powertrain Comparison of Conventional IC Engine and Electric Vehicle Drivetrain Motor Technology and Control Strategy Introduction to Battery Technology Types of Li-ion Batteries, Battery Parameters, and Battery Chemistry

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