Effective Debt Collection Strategies by Zanette Phillips

Udemy course Effective Debt Collection Strategies by Zanette Phillips

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  • Author: Zanette Phillips
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Abouth Zanette Phillips

Zanette Phillips is an entrepreneur, business manager, qualified trainer and small business owner.  She currently the owner and manager of Biz Skills business training based in Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia.

Effective Debt Collection Strategies

What the udemy Effective Debt Collection Strategies course teaches?

What you’ll learn Collect overdue customer invoices more effectively with new skills and strategies Be able to use the Debtor’s Ledger Health Check Questionnaire to assess their office procedures and identify gaps in the system Be able to use the strategy to reduce the current customer debt and made decisions on old outstanding invoices. Know how to use the overdue invoice strategy and contact customers in a systematic way using the overdue invoice strategy Know when to make the first phone call or send the right letter out to the cusotmer Use a phone script and have confidence and the knowledge of all the questions to ask an overdue invoice customer all the questions to get prompt payment

Learn skills and strategies to improve customer debt recovery

More information about the course Effective Debt Collection Strategies

Skills and strategies to improve debt recovery Small Business Owners: Wouldn’t you like a strategy to reduce your current debt? Wouldn’t you like a strategy to manage your ongoing overdue customer invoices? Wouldn’t you like to streamline your office procedures and save money? “Effective Debt Collection Strategies” is about controlling the activities of debt collection with systematic strategies so your customer knows you are serious about the credit you provide and you want to be paid by due date? My Experience to Deliver this Course I am a business manager, qualified trainer and small business owner. My background has been in office administration and then business management for over 25 years in 20 different industries. Cash flow control and cost management in addition to accounting, budgeting and debt collection has been my strengths. So I would like to share my knowledge and experience with small business owners to increase their recovery rate of customer debt. What You Will Learn Skills and Strategies to improve Customer Debt Recovery Cost of Running a Ledger Why don’t customer pay? You will learn some reasons? The cost of running a debtor’s ledger. The cost to the business to write off a sale. Evaluating Office Procedures Evaluating office procedures to identify inefficiencies. A detailed a Debtor’s Ledger Health Check Questionnaire is attached to the course resources to assist in the evaluation. Policies and Procedures The importance of policies and procedures in a business Which are the important policies needed to manage a ledger? Strategy to Reduce the Current Debt Evaluate the current customer debt and using a strategy to reduce it. Clean up the old ledger so you have a manageable system. Step by Step Advice and a Strategy to Manage Overdue Invoices Process invoices, payments, credits, complaints and reports Use the overdue invoice strategy Deal with customer excuses Run customer debt monitoring meetings with an agenda Use a detailed phone call script to give callers confidence What am I going to get from this Course? For Everyone: Learn how to control customer debt, reduce your stress and save money Many forms and templates such as: Debtor’s Ledger Health Check Questionnaire A Phone Script – for people who are uncomfortable making collection calls Collection letters An agenda for meetings Payment installment agreement The Strategy to reduce the current debt For Small Business Owners in Particular: Debtor’s Ledger Health Check Questionnaire A Strategy to reduce the current customer debt A Strategy to proactively manage the ongoing overdue invoices For Current and Future Bookkeeping, Accounts Receivable and Administration employees and students: Efficient methods of controlling Customer debt Ways of dealing with customer excuses Ways of streamlining your office procedures Join me in the course I am sure you are like most people who go into business; you are doing it to make money, and you feel you need to give credit to make sales. Debt collecting costs you money. So let’s give you a new strategy of running your business, so you can reduce that cost considerably and keep a good relationship with your customer.

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