Economic Risk Analysis for Petroleum Projects by Mohamed Elreedy

Udemy course Economic Risk Analysis for Petroleum Projects by Mohamed Elreedy

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  • Author: Mohamed Elreedy
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Mohamed Elreedy

Mohamed A. El-Reedy’s background is in structural engineering. His main area of research is the reliability of concrete and steel structures. He has provided consulting to different engineering companies and oil and gas industries in Egypt and to international companies such as the International Egyptian Oil Company (IEOC) and British Petroleum (BP). Moreover, he provides different concrete and steel structure design packages for residential buildings, warehouses, and telecommunication towers and electrical projects with WorleyParsons Egypt. He has participated in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) projects with international engineering firms.Currently, Dr. El-Reedy is responsible for reliability, inspection, and maintenance strategy for onshore concrete structures and offshore steel structure platforms. He has performed these tasks for hundreds of structures in the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea.

Economic Risk Analysis for Petroleum Projects

What the udemy Economic Risk Analysis for Petroleum Projects course teaches?

What you’ll learn To do economic evaluation by using MonteCarlo simulation technique Example of using crystal ball software Practical example of using decision tree The student will be capable to do economic study with risk assessment for any types of project

By Using Monte-carlo simulation with Crystal Ball software

More information about the course Economic Risk Analysis for Petroleum Projects

This online course presents the way and methodology to perform economic risk analysis for petroleum project and industrial project in general. How to use Monte-Carlo simulation technique by using Crystal ball from Oracle under excel sheet is presented. This technique can be use in risk assessment in general. The applied example for this simulation in this course will for oil and gas investment project to present the economic calculation and how to calculate the risk of the investment. This example for real project and present  this online course the economic factor and how we can obtain the risk for any project. this technique can be applied for any risk assessment as this simulation is a general technique. The business decision is based on this analysis as it is the core for any project feasibility study which is the first step for any project. The attendees will receive a free ebook about “Business Project Investment : Risk Assessment & Decision Making”. This course with the ebook presents an overview for business investment and economic, risk assessment tools by using MonteCarlo simulation, statistics and probabilities methods with modern and advanced technique to take the best decision. This course with the ebook is considered as a guideline methodology of how to take decision of project investment. These tools, technique and tips of thinking is very important when start your investment project for small scale or mega projects. This online course with the ebook are one of a series of project management in easy way I try to mix between practical ways and theoretical background. As per this course, you can see the best methods of taking decision with simple economic parameters and also we answer the complicated questions is how the multinational companies take decision. This series of book is the main tips of project management and how to work in a project or to deal with the project if you provide a services or outsourcing to any project

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