East Asia, Ultimate Bucket List, Travel Tribe by Kelsey Betzelberger

Udemy course East Asia, Ultimate Bucket List, Travel Tribe by Kelsey Betzelberger

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  • Author: Kelsey Betzelberger
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  • Category: Lifestyle
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Abouth Kelsey Betzelberger

Hello! My name is Kelsey Betzelberger, and I am a French and German teacher. I was trained as an opera singer, so I often use music in my language classes to help students remember certain concepts and key vocabulary. While performing abroad, I visited 45 countries and fell in love with traveling. Come travel the world with me in my Travel & Culture classes, and learn German and French with my Singing & Speaking courses.

East Asia, Ultimate Bucket List, Travel Tribe

What the udemy East Asia, Ultimate Bucket List, Travel Tribe course teaches?

What you’ll learn Discover history, fun facts and top East Asia destinations Exploration of & introduction to the food, history, landmarks, animals, language & famous cities of East Asia

How to explore East Asia like a local & create a personalized Ultimate Bucket List & Travel Planner

More information about the course East Asia, Ultimate Bucket List, Travel Tribe

Welcome to Travel Tribe’s East Asia, Ultimate Bucket List course! In this dynamic, fast-paced course, we will explore the top sites and famous locations of China, Hong Kong, Macau, Tibet, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan & Mongolia! Whether it’s the Great Wall of China, Sumo Wrestling Stables in Japan, the Golden Eagle Festival in Mongolia, the casinos in Macau or the high rises in Hong Kong , we see it all! Students explore the best of the best, with fun facts and pro-tips shared along the way. If you are planning for a post-Covid vacation, wanting a virtual adventure, or planning your next long-term-digital-nomad destination, this course is for you! No special skills required, this class is fun for the whole family. Some of the topics we will explore: High Rises in Hong Kong Library shaped like a human eye in China Owl Cafes in Japan DMZ between North & South Korea Lotus Festivals in Macau Rainbow Village in Taiwan Women with the longest hair in the world in China Rabbit Island in Japan “Mermaids” of South Korea Ultimate Bucket List A Bucket List Course wouldn’t be complete without an actual Bucket List, now would it?! Feel free to download this Ultimate Bucket List to take notes on the individual places (or create your own in your Travel Journal ), and your Travel Planner , which lets you organize your thoughts and highlights your top destinations. This is your roadmap to travel the world, and what to expect when you arrive. The Travel Tribe Ultimate Bucket List course will help you prepare for what to expect, and how to plan your dream vacation. Feel free to share with the class at the end of the course! Travel Journal As the saying goes, “Traveling makes you speechless, and then makes you a storyteller.” Make sure to have your Travel Journal close by, in order to further your understanding and curiosity about some of the places we explore in this course. Adult Coloring Pages There are some (optional) adult coloring pages that coordinate with the locations, so grab some colored pencils! Feel free to share your artwork with the class. About The Author My name is Kelsey Betzelberger, and I have been teaching for over 10 years. I was trained as an opera singer at Northwestern University in Chicago, and visited 46 countries around the world while performing at opera houses in Italy, Germany, England, Argentina, France, Croatia and the Netherlands. I also teach German, French, and music, and I have lived in seven different countries with my husband and our two well-traveled, geriatric cats.

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