Docker Basics to Advanced (DCA) & Kubernetes (CKAD) by Devops4Beginners Learning

Udemy course Docker Basics to Advanced (DCA) & Kubernetes (CKAD) by Devops4Beginners Learning

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DevOps4Beginners, started by a group of qualified and experienced professionals having over a decade of experience in IT and working across the geography. Our teaching staff employed by IT companies such as Cognizant, Capgemini, and Mindtree to name a few.

Docker Basics to Advanced (DCA) & Kubernetes (CKAD)

What the udemy Docker Basics to Advanced (DCA) & Kubernetes (CKAD) course teaches?

What you’ll learn All 250+ pages of course material available as downloadable PDF. Why Docker container and What is Docker container. All Codes and Commands are available as downloadable resource. How to install Docker Community Edition (CE) on Ubuntu and CentOS? How to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Creation and Management of Docker containers and Images. Build custom images using Dockerfile using various instructions. Persistent and non-persistent storage. Volumes and Bind Mounts. Docker Swarm Set-up. Docker Orchestration. Docker Services. Restricting resource allocation to containers. How to scale an application based on needs? How to install Docker Compose. How to use a Docker compose file to manage your stack of services? Types of networking drivers and their use cases. Bridge, Overlay, None and Host. Docker Security: namespaces, cgroups, seccomp profile & Syscalls, Docker Content Trust, Docker Bench for Security. Kubernetes (CKAD): Core Concepts, Configuration, Multi-Container Pods, Observability, Pod Design, Services & Networking, and State Persistence Show more Show less

Container Deep Dive: Docker Certified Associate(DCA) & Certified Kubernetes Application Developer(CKAD)

More information about the course Docker Basics to Advanced (DCA) & Kubernetes (CKAD)

*** We kept this course topics to the point so that students can learn faster, revise faster, and adapt to Docker & Kubernetes faster. *** *** DOCKER ***: Docker is a preferred container technology for running and managing containers. Docker Engine is the industry’s de facto container runtime platform. In this course, we will go through all the concepts and fundamentals needed to use Docker and also Kubernetes. The chapters covered in this course focus on the Docker Community Edition (CE) installation on Ubuntu and CentOS, Docker Container & Image Management, Storage, Container Orchestration, Networking, and Security. These chapters will help learners to create, deploy, and run applications effectively by using containers. This course has been designed to include more hands-on exercises, commands, and demos to teach core Docker fundamentals and features. After completing this course, you will have a very good understanding of Docker and its features. *** KUBERNETES ***: Kubernetes is one of the most popular container orchestration tools and established by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). This course on Kubernetes is designed to help you prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) exam. The Sections and Chapters of this course exactly the same as the topics outlined in the CKAD curriculum. Kubernetes course covers the below topics: 1. Core Concepts 2. Configuration 3. multi-container pods 4. Observability 5. Pod Design 6. Services and Networking 7. State Persistence Thank you and Happy learning. Devops4Beginners

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