Django with GraphQL by Krystian Czekalski

Udemy course Django with GraphQL by Krystian Czekalski

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  • Author: Krystian Czekalski
  • Course rating: 3.8
  • Category: Web Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Krystian Czekalski

I’m a self-educated Full-stack developer.

Django with GraphQL

What the udemy Django with GraphQL course teaches?

What you’ll learn Basics of Django Framework Basics of GraphQL How to build GraphQL API with Django

Integrating GraphQL API with Django Framework

More information about the course Django with GraphQL

We will learn what is GraphQL, what are pros and cons of using it. We will talk about the main concept in GraphQL like schemas, types, queries, mutations and subscriptions. In the first section we will create plain Django project. This is introduction to Django framework and none previous knowledge is required. Once the project will be setup we will add GraphQL. In that way you will be able to follow along with either your own Django project or simple project we have created together in the first section. I will explain how to create a root schema and how to create schemas for apps. Also we will implement new Django url to use graphiql: the UI to perform or queries and mutations. Once GraphQL is ready we will add Types, Queries and Mutations. I will show you different ways to write these and explain why we might use one option over another. After we will have a solid understanding of the GraphQL and how it is connected with Django, we will dive deeper and add some extras like: Token Authentication (JWT), Relay implementations, Filters, Pagination etc. We will finish the course with the samples how to use our backend GraphQL API with front end applications based on both React and Angular. We will have 2 separate application that will fetch data from our Django Database using our graphql API. We will use apollo library on the front end.

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