Discovering Your Path To Happiness by Chris Hall

Udemy course Discovering Your Path To Happiness by Chris Hall

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  • Author: Chris Hall
  • Course rating: 4.5
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
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Discovering Your Path To Happiness

What the udemy Discovering Your Path To Happiness course teaches?

What you’ll learn Strategies to take control, and influence how you feel on a daily basis. Fresh insight into the definition, and realms of happiness. How to “hack happiness” for an instantaneous result! A deep understanding of Self-Care, Relationships, Pursuits, and Perspectives.

How To Be Happy across Physiology, Psychology, Philosophy, Lifestyle, and Relationships

More information about the course Discovering Your Path To Happiness

50% of our happiness level is determined by our genetics, 10% by circumstance, and 40% by intentional activity*. This course focuses on the 40%, the intentional activities, and shows students how to “do happiness”. We will demonstrate that you are able to take back control, and influence how you feel on a daily basis. This course highlights how to be happy through bio-chemical, social, and psychological strategies that you can take advantage of to optimise your levels of happiness. Happiness is a feeling, an attitude, and a way of experiencing life. This journey is partly a choice, and is, most definitely, a practice .  Feeling happy doesn’t just magically arrive without action, so it is crucial to understand the environments, social conditions, and physical places we must put ourselves to feel it. We’ve put this course together in a way where you can pick and choose what works for you, and we encourage you to trust the process of trying new things.  The benefit of taking this course is that you will understand the components of happiness, and feel better as a result. We cover physiology, psychology, philosophy, lifestyle, and relationships. There is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked.  This is your happiness at stake, so why not give it a go? To Your Happiness! * Lyubomirsky, S., Schkade, D., & Sheldon, K.M. (2005). Pursuing happiness: The architecture of sustainable change. Review of General Psychology, (9)2, pp.111-131.

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