Developing Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life by Katsumi Sakamoto

Udemy course Developing Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life by Katsumi Sakamoto

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  • Author: Katsumi Sakamoto
  • Course rating: 4.9
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Katsumi Sakamoto

After ten years working Corporate Business as a Consultant and Leader Coach, I decided to go back to my roots as a Physical Education Professional and develop a new Health Coaching Business, allying science with all these years of coaching experience. And the results couldn’t have been any better.

Developing Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life

What the udemy Developing Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life course teaches?

What you’ll learn The importance of a good nutrition. Health Benefits of fasting. Benefits of physical activities. HIIT. Moderate Cardio. Strength training. Importance of sleeping. Benefits of meditation. Benefits of cold exposure. Health goal setting. How the past can influence your future. Knowledge of possible challenges to be faced. How to charge your attitude. How to boost your energy. Show more Show less

Unique 4-week Programme to help you lose weight, get fit or simply improve your general health. For good!

More information about the course Developing Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life

Desires become achievements. Dreams are not unreachable anymore. Learn how to develop control over your habits and reach your goals. What is the best physical exercise to lose weight? What should I eat to get thinner quick? How to increase my energy levels and boost my productivity? These are very frequent doubts among people that are searching to better their quality of life. In the following lines I will show you these are not the questions you should be asking. Just like you, I also needed some answers and, specially, some changes. In this search I realised that much of the information available out there is NOT incorrect. You read it right: there is a lot of good content available. So, why don’t they work? Why are there so many people that are not able to live the evolution they desire? Even though, just like you, they work really hard. I have these answers. I’ve lived through these changes as I got these answers and so, I’ve created a method to help people just like you on their own journeys. Hi there, I’m Katsumi Sakamoto. As a PE Professional and Health Coach, I could research and understand deeply how our body works and specially how to make it operate at an optimum state so we can conquer our biggest daily challenges. The real answer you need is: you need to develop habits. And even though the answer is very simple, managing this process can be very challenging. And no, you have not failed your previous attempts. Developing habits demands a certain methodology and that’s why I’m here for. In this 4-week Programme, you will get Coaching allied with Science to develop strong habits that will get you healthier. By the end of it, you will have created a whole new lifestyle that’s UNIQUE to you and to you alone! Much more than just giving out information, I’m going to present you with a new method and I’m going to guide you through a journey that with transform your life. You decide what is the best way forward! You are in complete control! The information provided is a guideline you can chose to follow, or not! Through my own transformation I was able to develop this Programme and validate it with several clients. You are on the right path, just give this next step. Stop wasting your time and energy setting yourself out to these huge challenges without prepping your mindset first. With Udemy’s money back guarantee policy, you won’t be taking any risks! You can get your investment back if you’re not satisfied. But one thing is for certain, if you follow the step-by-step structure presented in each session you will feel an improvement in your energy levels, in your confidence and in your health in general.

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