Deploying Node.js on GCP by JonCloudGeek (Jonathan Lin)

Udemy course Deploying Node.js on GCP by JonCloudGeek (Jonathan Lin)

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Course data:

  • Author: JonCloudGeek (Jonathan Lin)
  • Course rating: 4.2
  • Category: IT & Software
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth JonCloudGeek (Jonathan Lin)

Jonathan Lin a GCP enthusiast and Software Engineer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is a GCP-certified Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Data Engineer, and Associate Cloud Engineer.

Deploying Node.js on GCP

What the udemy Deploying Node.js on GCP course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to deploy a NodeJS application to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in the most effective way How to choose what to deploy on: App Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud Run, Compute Engine, or Kubernetes Engine (GKE) How to dockerize your application for deployment Tips and tricks to optimize and configure your deployment

A Comprehensive Course to Deploying Node.js on Google Cloud Platform

More information about the course Deploying Node.js on GCP

In this course, journey with me as I guide you through how to deploy a Node.js application (a sample Bookshelf Express app) on GCP to: App Engine Cloud Functions (yes, Express on Cloud Functions!) Cloud Run Compute Engine Kubernetes Engine I walk through deployment steps, as well as debugging and solving deployment issues to make the deployment work. I point out pitfalls and gotchas to be wary of. I also give tips on how to optimize and secure your deployments on GCP. Even if you don’t use Node.js, the principles that are taught in this course applies to any programming language you use.

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