Dealling With PAB – Passive Aggressive Behavior by Obehi Ewanfoh – Aclasses

Udemy course Dealling With PAB – Passive Aggressive Behavior by Obehi Ewanfoh – Aclasses

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  • Author: Obehi Ewanfoh – Aclasses
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Abouth Obehi Ewanfoh – Aclasses

Hi and thank you for been here. I am Obehi Ewanfoh from Aclasses an eLearning platform where We Teach Self-Improvement Skills To Increase Competences In Businesses And Personal Lives Around The World. I live in Verona, Italy with my family and I am happy to serve in my own unique way.

Dealling With PAB - Passive Aggressive Behavior

What the udemy Dealling With PAB – Passive Aggressive Behavior course teaches?

What you’ll learn Take Action To Free Yourself From PAB Disorder

Learn about Passive Aggressive Behavior and Protect Yourself

More information about the course Dealling With PAB – Passive Aggressive Behavior

Who Is This Class For? This class is designed for you if you are interested in learning about passive-aggressive behaviour so you can better protect yourself and your loved ones. Class Description In this class, you will learn about Passive Aggression behaviours and how it affects people, which in some cases, the people don’t even know of. Just because it’s passive doesn’t mean it’s any less damaging to the victims and sometimes even to the aggressors. That is another you need to pay attention to this disorder with grave consequences to relationships between people in families, romances, work colleges and more. What About You? Has passive-aggressive behaviour ever affected your life in any way? Well, there is a likelihood it has, even if you might not know of it. But don’t worry. By the end of this training class, you will learn about the principles and guides to help you break free from passive aggression or help anyone who is affected by the disorder! More Info About This Training Class “Passive Aggressive Behaviour or PAB can be intensely frustrating because it’s hard to identify, difficult to prove, and may even be unintentional. Sometimes, it can lead to more conflicts and intimacy issues, because many people struggle to have a direct and honest conversation about the problem at hand,” Dealing with Passive-Aggression, Psychology Today. What is important to note is that many people are not even aware that they might be having a passive-aggressive disorder. The problem with the above is that if they continue to lack such knowledge, they will continue to live out their lives as though it were normal or even acceptable to be living with this correctable disorder. Come To Think Of It, No one ever attempts to fix something that doesn’t appear to be broken, so a good place to start would be to educate yourself about passive-aggressive behaviour and then to review your life up until now to be able to determine whether or not your concerns need to be acted upon. If your concerns, on the hand, is about someone else, then you can develop a strategy of support to help such a person through the additional insights and knowledge to gain in this training class. To put it simpler, this training class is going to very helpful to you, whether you are the one suffering from a passive-aggressive disorder or the victim of it. So get ready to learn and live better. What You Can Gain In This Class Thanks to the clear layout of this training class, you are on your way to having your PAB under control. If you carefully follow the guides here provided for you, you will be able to: · As the passive aggressor, cope better with the disorder while finding the right solution, · As a relative of the aggressor, provide the necessary support to him/her, · As a victim or possible victims, know the proving signs of a passive aggressor and how to avoid the aggression. Through this class, you will gain an in-depth understanding of passive-aggressive behaviour and the guide to combating it. Main Objective The primary objective is to be free from passive-aggressive behaviour and this training class is perfectly designed to do just that, with active participation from you. So, let’s get started and right now.

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