Dealing with the Violent Intruder by Prometheus Consulting Group, LLC

Udemy course Dealing with the Violent Intruder by Prometheus Consulting Group, LLC

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  • Author: Prometheus Consulting Group, LLC
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Abouth Prometheus Consulting Group, LLC

After graduating medical school and practicing as an emergency physician, I attended the law enforcement academy.  I was fortunate to serve as a task force officer on our US Marshal’s fugitive task force, a task force officer for Homeland Security Investigations, and our SWAT team.  As my family and I watch and discuss these events on the news, I was challenged by my wife to teach everyone what we teach our kids to improve their chances of survival.  Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to mankind.  This curriculum was developed to discuss simple concepts and tactics to improve your chances of survival.  My colleagues in medicine and law enforcement have dedicated time and effort to develop courses to improve your chances of survival in emergency situations.

Dealing with the Violent Intruder

What the udemy Dealing with the Violent Intruder course teaches?

What you’ll learn Develop an understanding of these events and how to improve chances of survival The facts of violent intruders Case studies The Human response Tactics and strategies Putting it all together

Information and tactics to increase your chances of survival during an active shooter / violent intruder event

More information about the course Dealing with the Violent Intruder

Active shooter / violent intruder events are complex and dynamic events requiring forethought and planning.  This course utilizes facts, case studies and lessons learned, the human physiologic response, and modern tactics to allow the student to better understand these events and increase their chances of survival.  The student will learn to develop survival plans for places such as work, school, church, the mall or any public facility.

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