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Udemy course Customer Experience Management – Customer Journey Mapping by LS Consulting

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  • Author: LS Consulting
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Customer Experience Management - Customer Journey Mapping

What the udemy Customer Experience Management – Customer Journey Mapping course teaches?

What you’ll learn Create an actionable customer journey map Uncover opportunities to optimise your customer experience Gain the right knowledge and tools to diagnose serious customer experience issues Understand different types of customer journey maps Learn how to use CXDeployer – World’s 1st integrated customer journey mapping software Master building blocks of a customer journey map Discover House of Customer Experience

Lean how to create an actionable customer journey map and transform your customer experience.

More information about the course Customer Experience Management – Customer Journey Mapping

LEARN HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE BY UNDERSTANDING AND CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING, FINDING PROBLEM AREAS, AND THEN SOLVING THEM. Discover how to model customer experience to understand customer actions, motivations, expectations, perceptions, and barriers across touchpoints with your business , enabling you to improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, lower the cost of customer service and acquire new customers and achieve excellence in customer experience. The customer experience is the next competitive battleground and the businesses that excel at customer experience outperform their competitors. Therefore, customer experience management is the top priority and the most significant objective of every business. Customer journey mapping is the foundation step of any customer experience transformation program to understand the current state, baseline the current performance, uncover issues and challenges to customer experience, identify failing interactions, missing touchpoints, moments of truth, and moments of frustration and discover underperforming channels. Visualizing the customer journey makes it easier to understand what makes customers move through, what motivates them, their expectations, their emotions, and what obstacles they face along their journey. Thus, enabling organizations and customer experience professionals to reorient, redesign, realign, and optimize their processes, services, offerings with changing customer needs and create a customer-centric culture. Join this course and learn a practical application of customer journey mapping and not only understand current experience but also design the future experience and shift the organization’s culture and mindset to customer-centricity. Join and learn from the brains behind the CXDeployer! – World’s 1st Integrated Customer Journey Mapping Software. Our Guarantee: You get lifetime access, with no expiration, to all course lectures, training materials, handouts, and quizzes. Moreover, you will also receive 1-on-1 support for any questions, queries, clarifications, or confusion that come up. All this comes with a money-back guarantee so nothing to lose and only to gain so much. This training course makes use of CXDeployer – a free online customer journey mapping tool – instead of a paid tool to ensure all students have access to the training activities. If you get this course with a similar quality, price and content, we guarantee that you will get a LIFETIME subscription of CXDeployer with ALL the current and future features for FREE . We have built the CXDeployer so you can be assured of this guarantee. The LateralSkills’s LEARN, APPLY, GROW approach. The course is based on LateralSkills’s LEARN, APPLY, GROW technique – a method that we have developed and practice for all of our training programs both in-house as well as virtual training programs. This approach will ensure that you the best learning on customer journey mapping, application of customer journey mapping in real-life scenarios, and enabling you to grow your professional skills on the customer journey and experience mapping. LEARN : First, we will demystify the foundation concepts with several real-life examples. You will also learn WHAT, WHY, HOW, and WHEN to use each concept. APPLY : Once you fully understand the concepts and techniques, we will take you step-by-step through KNOW-HOW with real-world scenarios so that you can learn how to apply it in your examples. You will also go through continuous assessment, activities, and cases to integrate the new knowledge into your skills. This will also ensure the validation of your understanding of various concepts. GROW – You can put the newly acquired skills in your profession and advance your career. You will get all the supports from us to ensure application in your scenarios. What is included in this course? You will learn the foundation of concepts on customer experience, customer journey management, touchpoi…

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