Creating a Responsive HTML Email by Chris Converse

Udemy course Creating a Responsive HTML Email by Chris Converse

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  • Author: Chris Converse
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Web Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Chris Converse

Chris has over 25 years experience in graphic and interactive design, with a unique focus on both design and development. As a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), he has focused his career on merging design and technology to create the optimal execution across various media. In addition to graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology, he is also a featured speaker at various industry-related conferences, including the Adobe MAX, NAB, CreativePro Week and Keyframes. Watch his step-by-step courses online at LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, Skillshare, CPDForumula, CreativeLive, Pluralsight, or on Amazon Video.

Creating a Responsive HTML Email

What the udemy Creating a Responsive HTML Email course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn to create an HTML Email layout compatible with a wide range of email clients Discover techniques to design elements that will “gracefully degrade” in older email clients without losing the design integrity Add CSS to your HTML Email to take advantage of newer email clients and varying screen sizes

Create attractive, responsive, HTML Emails, that work in over 30 combinations of the most commonly used email clients.

More information about the course Creating a Responsive HTML Email

Did you know that over 46% of email is now read on mobile devices? Designing HTML email can be quite challenging, considering the limited capabilities of many email clients (readers). In contrast, most new email readers supports many of the latest trends in web design. What to do? Enter Responsive HTML Email. This course will show you how to design and construct an HTML email design that will render properly in such email readers and Outlook 2003 and Gmail, all the way through modern Android, Apple, and Windows phones. We will also explore online tools and services that will help you test your campaigns. Learn what is possible with HTML email. Running Time: 88 minutes

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